Where Are My iCloud Documents?

By Phil Davis

Here is the scenario.

You have spent many hours creating an important Keynote presentation that you plan to present to a local Service Club. You know that you have the ability to create iWork documents on your Mac and have them immediately available on your Laptop, your iPad, and your iPhone. All is good with the world!

You carefully test the presentation on all your devices, spend time polishing and practicing, and are all set for the big day. Grabbing your laptop you set off to the meeting room, plug the laptop into the projector and open Keynote.

Whoops! Nothing is there. Someone forgot to tell you that the meeting room has no Internet access, WiFi or otherwise. Your beautiful presentation is floating around in the cloud somewhere, probably on an Apple server in North Carolina, and you have no access to it! iCloud is great, as long as you can connect to the Internet.

Your immediate thought is “I am doomed”. Then you remember the tech tip that you read about how to find your iCloud docs from a hidden directory on your laptop. Luckily you saved that tip on your file for reference.

Tip: Find Your Hidden iCloud Documents

All your iCloud documents can be found locally in a carefully hidden folder in your user library called:

~/Library/Mobile Documents/

If you open this folder in the Finder (remember to use OPT+GO to reveal the Library folder), you will see all the sub-folders containing your iCloud resident files. To find the keynote file that you need for your presentation just go to the folder containing the Keynote files:

~/Library/Mobile Documents/com-apple-Keynote/Documents/

Voila! A disaster has been averted because you can now open your Keynote presentation without the Internet!

Bonus Tip

You can add this hidden folder to the Finder Sidebar for easy access. To do this you:

  1. Create an alias for the Mobile Documents folder.
  2. Then select the alias icon and drag it to the list of Favorites in the Finder Sidebar.
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