Back Up Your Photos to Google Photos

By Phil Davis – 2019-05-10


One of the many features of a Google account is the capability to automatically back up the photos on your computer or mobile device. Here is what you need.

  • A good internet connection.
  • A Google account (username and password). If you don’t have one, open and create a new account.
  • Photos and videos. Photos must be under 75 MB or 100MP. Videos must be under 10GB.
  • RAW files from Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and all DNG files.

Download the Apps

  1. Open
  2. Download and install Backup and Sync app on your computer (Mac or Windows)
  3. Download and install the mobile device app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

Using Google Photos

When you open Google Photos, you’ll see all the photos and videos on your device and, if you turned on “back up & sync,” anything else synced to your Google Photos library.

When you first run the app on your computer or mobile device, you will be asked to select the quality of photo storage.

  • High Quality — free, unlimited storage. Photos are compressed to save space if they are larger than 16MP. You can print good quality 16MP photos in sizes up to 24 inches x 15 inches.
  • Original Quality — 15 GB free, additional storage available. All photos and videos are stored in the same resolution that you took them.

Learn more: Google Photos Help.

Deleting Photos

When you install the app, the default setting will be “Don’t remove items everywhere.” You can change this — choices are:

  • Remove items everywhere
  • Don’t remove items everywhere
  • Ask before removing items

Learn how: Change the delete options.

Download Photos and Videos to Your Device

It is easy to copy photos and videos back to your computer or mobile device.

Learn how: download photos.

Move Photos to Archive

You can hide photos from your Photos view and move them to archive. This can help you organize your photos and hide any photo that you don’t want to see often.

Any photos that you archive:

  • Will still be in any albums that they were added to, search results, and folders on your device.
  • Won’t be used to create movies or animations.

Learn how: move to the archive.

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