MacOS Threat Landscape

Are you interested in seeing a non-alarmist, data-driven, and realistic assessment of the existing malware threat environment for the Mac platform? If so, you’ll want to watch this hour-long presentation from Thomas Reed of Malwarebytes. Recorded at the 2018 MacAdmins conference at Penn State University, Reed uses hard data found from the Malwarebytes scanner and removal … Read moreMacOS Threat Landscape

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

By Phil DavisPublished February 2012; Updated December 2016 Use Keyboard Shortcuts Screenshots can be made using these shortcuts. Capture screen, save to file CMD+SHIFT+3 Capture screen, save to clipboard CMD+CTRL+SHIFT+3 Capture a selection, save to file CMD+SHIFT+4 Capture a selection, save to clipboard CMD+CTRL+SHIFT+4 Use the Grab Application You can also make use of Grab … Read moreHow to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

Five Quick Tips

By Phil Davis Published December 2011; Updated December 2016 Use Spotlight to Launch Applications The simplest and fastest way to launch an application is to use Spotlight. Use the keyboard shortcut CMD+SpaceBar to open Spotlight, enter the name of the app (usually you only need the first few characters) and click on the app’s icon. … Read moreFive Quick Tips

Three Ways to Learn About Your Computer

By: Phil Davis. Published April 2013; Updated December 2016 You just bought your shiny new Mac and you are anxious to get started using it. However, you might want to take a few minutes to understand (and document) what you have before downloading all those apps. Here are three easy ways to learn about your … Read moreThree Ways to Learn About Your Computer