3 Useful Drag-and-Drop Tricks That Work In Any Browser

By Askshata Shanbhag, MakeUseOf

Drag-and-drop is more useful than you might think. Here are three browser-based tasks that are made easier with this simple feature.

1. Start a Web search with selected text.

Have you ever stumbled across a peculiar word or phrase (e.g. in your desktop feed reader) that you wanted to look up on the Web? All you need to do is select the text and drag it to your browser’s address bar. This automatically runs a search for the word using your browser’s default search engine.

Note: On Firefox, you’ll need to hit Enter afterwards to activate the search.

2. Open links in separate tabs.

To open links in a new tab, you might be one of those people who right-clicks and selects Open Link in New Tab. Or maybe you click on links with your scroll wheel, which is definitely faster. But did you know that you can also drag links to the tab bar to do the same thing?

Holding down Ctrl and clicking links works, too. Four ways to do the same exact action.

3. Quickly bookmark links.

Did you just spot an interesting link on some Web page and want to save it for later? Here’s a quick way to add it to your bookmarks: drag the link and drop it onto the bookmarks bar. It’s as easy as that.

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