Meeting Notes

Local Repair Services


N.C. Sizemore presented a listing of local (Ocala and Gainesville) facilities offering Apple troubleshooting and repair, however made it clear that this was for information purposes and did not imply an endorsement or recommendation of any specific vendor. Also, the list was based on best available information and may not include everyone in the area.

To get Apple products repaired under warranty or an Apple care contract, you must use an Apple Authorized Repair Facility or take it to an Apple store (Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville). To the best of our knowledge the closest Apple Authorized Repair Facility is in Gainesville. You can also call Apple and follow their advice as to whether to ship your device to them or take it to an Apple store.

Some vendors that are not Apple Authorized Repair Facilities have one or more Apple Certified Technicians. This means the technicians have passed one or more tests demonstrating knowledge of Apple Hardware and software (). Apple maintains a list of certified technicians () that may be used to verify certification.

The Ocala Macintosh User Group (OMUG) does not recommend or endorse any particular facility or vendor. OMUG recommends that you talk with other members regarding their experiences before taking your computer in for repair or service. It is important to exercise care in selecting a repair facility since giving your computer and it’s access password to a repair shop is very much like giving them your diary and credit cards. One source of information about member’s experiences is the OMUG Discussion Forum. The Gainesville Mac User Group (MacPeople) and the Villages Mac User Group (VMUG) also post information from time-to-time. Other sources include the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Yelp.