OMUG Discussion Forum

The OMUG Discussion Forum uses the Google Group service. It is a closed group by invitation only, and is not open to the public. OMUG Members can ask technical questions, answer other members’ questions, and share their experiences with products and services. OMUG officers use the forum to send announcements and information to all members.

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Discussion Forum Membership

All members are registered in the forum using the email address provided when you pay your dues. You can use any email address, but we recommend using a Gmail address since it gives you the option to correct directly to the forum and view past posts and answers.

Guidelines for the Forum

This group is for technology-related discussions and information of interest to OMUG members. Members may post personal ads for computers, peripherals, or other technology items. If you post an ad, please ask people to respond directly to you rather than just posting a reply on the Discussion Group.

Information about products, services, and companies is based on personal experience and does not constitute an endorsement by OMUG. Members are encouraged to check out products, services and companies themselves before deciding if they meet their needs. It is important to remember that any time you turn your computer over to a third party, they potentially have access to your personal information.

This is not the place for political discussions, commercial advertisements, jokes, or other irrelevant material. The forum administrator reserves the right to delete inappropriate materials and, if necessary, revoke a member’s registration.

Think Before You Hit Send

Remember that when posting or replying to a message, you are sending it to everyone in the forum. Be reasonable with your posts: we don’t want to limit discussions but ask you use good judgment.

  • If your message is directed to only one individual, please reply to them individually. The other members do not want their email inboxes clogged up with irrelevant material.
  • Do not post anything that you would not want publicly viewed.

We do not pre-screen or censor posts, so we cannot be responsible for any content posted to the list. OMUG officers will make every effort to monitor the list and deal with problems privately. If you see an inappropriate post, please ignore it or report it to an OMUG officer. Do not respond to the offending post.

Send a Message to the Discussion Group

As a member of the group, you can post a message by sending an email to Use a descriptive title for your message:

  • Good title: How do I use Time Machine?
  • Bad title: I have a question

➜ Use a new post for each new topic (please don’t embed a new topic as a reply).

Manage Your Settings

Normally you will receive each message as it is posted via your registered email address. If you are registered using a Google email address, you can customize your settings by logging into the group from your Google account. Select My Groups from the sidebar. Click the Edit Membership button.

Reporting Problems

Please report problems by sending an email to the forum administrator at Please allow a reasonable amount of time for the administrator to respond. Do not post your problems to the forum, as OMUG members cannot help you with forum-related problems.