For Beginners

Information for Beginners

If you are a new Mac user, follow these Apple support links to help you learn about your computer and the OS X operating system.

  • New to Mac: Sierra Edition This two-hour video goes over all the basics that a new Mac owner needs to know!
  • Mac Basics Your guide to using a Mac effectively and efficiently.
  • Tour Learn about the different pieces that make up the Mac interface. Learn how to use the Finder, the desktop, the menu bar, the Dock, the Trash, files and folders, and more.
  • Applications Explore Mac applications and do some basic tasks, including installing and updating software, saving files, creating accounts, and more.
  • Connecting Accessories Learn how to connect your printer, digital camera, camcorder, and other devices to your Mac.
  • Internet – WiFi Learn how to set up Wi-Fi, get connected to the internet, and print or share files over the network.
  • Transferring Files Learn how you can migrate your existing Microsoft Windows files or Windows system to your Mac.
  • Windows on a Mac Explore how you can run Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp.
  • Apple Support Still need help? Send a support request to Apple online.

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