Exploring Numbers 3.5

Phil Davis


Getting Started

  • Show Templates
  • Open a Blank Template
  • Table formatting options
  • Preferences
  • Top Menu Items
  • Export options
  • Create your own templates
  • Toolbar
  • Format Inspector
  • Format Tab Options – Table; Cell; Text; Arrange
  • Sort & Filter
  • Sheets – Rename Sheet; Add another sheet

Basic Operations

  • Open blank practice chart
  • Insert repetitive data
  • Formula basics
  • Cell formatting options
  • Working with rows and columns – adding, deleting, moving, resizing
  • Sorting data
  • Add 2D chart
  • Add text block
  • Add another table
  • Copy table from Numbers to Pages
  • Printing tables


  • Mortgage and Loan Comparison
  • Retirement Savings
  • Home Improvement
  • Car Shopping
  • Calendar
  • Travel Planner


Apps Discussed During Help Session

  • SpamSieve http://c-command.com/spamsieve/ – Blocks spam when used with Apple Mail on your Mac. $30
  • CCleaner https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner – Download the free version. You won’t really need the Pro version.
  • The new Photos app for the Mac. This will be included with Yosemite 10.10.3 which may be released soon.

iOS at Work

Document Creation / Editing

  • Pages / Keynote / Numbers (free)
    • Sync with iCloud or Dropbox
  • MS Office – Word / Powerpoint / Excel
    • Free for viewing only
    • Requires Office 365 subscription to create and edit ($70/yr)
  • Gdrive (free)
  • CloudOn (free)
    • Microsoft Office Replacement
    • Offers equivalent programs for Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • Use on Mac via a web browser
    • Looks/functions extremely similar to the Microsoft counterparts
    • Works in conjunction with Dropbox and other cloud services for saving/storage of files
  • Lucidchart (free)
    • Create charts, graphics, illustrations
    • Sign in w/ google account
    • Sync w/ Lucidchart on Mac (Chrome App)

Managing Information

  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • DevonThink

Document Scanning

  • Scanner Pro (by Readdle; usually $7 but frequently discounted)
    • Uses camera to scan documents and turn into PDF or other formats (JPEG, etc.)
    • Can upload to Dropbox, email, fax (.99 per fax)
  • Scan+ ($5)
    • Alternate to Scanner Pro
    • OCR – text export – PDF export
    • Upload to many places
  • Genius Scan ($7)
    • Alternative to Scanner Pro
  • Evernote
    • Scan & file business cards
    • editable
    • saved in database
    • Scan documents

Document Printing

  • Printer Pro (by Readdle; usually $4.99 but frequently discounted)
    • Prints/emails documents, also turns documents into PDFs
  • Your printer company may have its own app
    • Sometimes caveats
    • Example: Brother Print & Scan- can only use scanning functions if printer is a multipurpose machine with a scanner
  • Non wifi printer? No problem!
    • Download handyPrint to computer (donation ware)
    • Turn on Printer Sharing in System Preferences > Sharing
    • Enable handyPrint through it’s System Preferences in program

Managing Projects/Timelines

Apps to Stay Connected

  • TeamViewer (free for personal use)
    • Remote access and control — your computer
    • TeamViewer must be running on computer
  • LogMeIn (not free)
    • Allows remote access to your computer (as long as it is on)
    • Can edit files, run applications, troubleshoot problems from iOS device
  • Yammer (free)
    • Private social network for businesses.
    • Allows for file sharing and discussion of documents, presentations, images, videos.
    • Can keep “old” versions of files as well.
    • Can send documents via email.
    • https://about.yammer.com/product/feature-list/
  • BaiBoard (free for iPad and Mac)
  • Moxtra (free)
    • Can create binders for projects that contain notes, PowerPoint, videos, images and documents.
    • Multimedia messaging
    • Can collaborate with others on the binders.
    • Encrypted
    • iOS, Android, Web
    • Moxtra

Signing Digitally

  • SignEasy (free)
    • Signed documents can be emailed or exported to Dropbox or Box
  • JotNot Signature (free)
    • Can import PDFs from other apps
    • Sign and share via email, fax, print, Dropbox, Google Docs


  • Handwriting note apps for iPad: Notability, Penultimate, Noteshelf
  • Text editing apps for iPad: Editorial, Byword, Write