How do I add an additional Gmail account?

These instructions will show you how to add a second gmail account to your existing one. You might want a new one to separate personal mail from business mail, or to use for a club or hobby. There are no restrictions on how many accounts you can have.

The simple way is to go directly to the gmail account creation page ( and fill out the form provided by Google. If you choose this method, do not click the sign in button at the top. This will just take you to your existing account.

Another way is to use your existing account to either (1) create a new account, or (2) login to any of your other accounts. The process is not hard, but requires clicking through several screens to get to the end result.

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Using Flickr

Notes provided by NC Sizemore.

Note: I am using a Flickr Pro account – These used to cost $25.00/yr but are no longer available to new users. One of the advantages over free accounts was NO Adds! this is now available as an upgrade for $49.99/yr. Another advantage was unlimited storage. Free accounts now get 1 TB of storage. A second TB is available for $499.99/yr. Frankly if you need more than a TB of cloud photo storage, I think you need a more sophisticated storage system than FLICKR.

For a good article on the above, look it up in

I found about seven articles of interest on this search dating back to May 20th, 2013. The oldest was the most interesting to me as a prior user.


FLICKR is an online photo and video storage and sharing site. It was a “cloud” of its own before the term cloud became popular.

HOW DO I set up a FLICKR Account?

If you have a Yahoo account, setting up a FLICKR account is easy. If you do not have a yahoo account, set one up. They are free.


Demo uploading from MAC

Show that uploader software is available.

Demo uploading from IOS

You can also upload from iPhoto (share), Facebook, and likely many other sources.


I typically only store photos I want to share – but I could and may start using it for cloud storage.

I group photos into an album (once called a set) and send a link to the album to folks I want to share the photos with.


Photostream – all my photos on FLICKR

Albums – formerly called sets – photos I have grouped for convenience

Favorites – a way to designate photos you may wish to get to easily and/or frequently

Groups – way to share limited photos with others who have joined the same group.

ORGANIZE – the method to do batch edits, create albums, share with groups etc – DEMO



owner settings – especially privacy (also if public, keep redo;union low)


Time permitting, also explore on IOS


Flickr changes with some frequency which makes some static information obsolete, but usually not totally irrelavent.

BIGGEST CHANGE I HAVE NOTICED: Groups of your photos that they use to call “SETS” are now called “ALBUMS”

Tech Tips – March 2015

App: Photos

  • Photos is a Mac analog for the iOS app of the same name
  • Included in Yosemite OS X 10.10.3
  • Will replace iPhoto as the basic built-in photo app
  • It will also be replacing Aperture
  • Lacks many advanced features
  • Key Features
    • Intuitive interface
    • Links to devices through iCloud
    • Organize & edit photos
    • Create projects

iOS App: Notability

  • Used for notes
  • Features
    • Combine handwriting, photos, typing, and audio
    • Share with Google Drive, AirDrop, Email and Dropbox
    • iOS version $3
    • Mac version $6
  • Demonstrate
    • Connect w/ AirServer

App: HoudahSpot

  • Advanced file search
  • Features
    • Find files by name, text, content kind, author, recipient, pixel count, etc.
    • Combine criteria to quickly zero in on files
    • Search several locations at once – exclude others
    • Customize columns in the search results list
    • Preview files and text matches
    • Set up templates for recurring searches
    • $30 – trial version available