2021 Meeting Calendar

All meetings are 3 - 5 PM on the second Wednesday of the month. Meetings will be virtual meetings until further notice.

Date Topic Speaker
Jan 13 Useful Helper Apps & Utilities for the Mac Phil Davis, OMUG
Feb 10 Creating a Portal Page Using Marilyn Kennedy, OMUG
Mar 10 Facebook - Be Aware Chris Kilbride, OMUG
Apr 14 All About Computer Chips Burt Stephens, OMUG
May 12 Podcasts Brian Rowland, OMUG
Jun 09 Udemy, Online Learning Marilyn Kennedy, OMUG
Jul 14 Using Pages & Numbers in iCloud
What’s It All About, Apple?
Phil Davis, OMUG
Chris Kilbride, OMUG
Aug 11 Getting More From Google
Calendar Sharing Tips
Doug Sebring, OMUG
Carl Sechrest, OMUG
Sep 08 Safeguard Your Important Information
Introduction to Shortcuts
Phil Davis, OMUG
Carl Sechrest, OMUG
Oct 13 Artificial Intelligence and Apple Products Burt Stephens, OMUG
Nov 10 What Info Is Out There About Me? Chris Kilbride, OMUG
Dec No Meeting