Dec 12, 2018-- NO MEETING --
Jan 9, 2019Members' Participation ExtravaganzaFacilitator, Burt Stephens, OMUG
Feb 13, 2019Family HistoriesTo Be Announced
Mar 13, 2019Keeping Our Devices Virus-FreeTo Be Announced
Apr 10, 2019Mojave: It’s New and Useful FeaturesTo Be Announced
May 8, 2019The iWatch 4 FeaturesTo Be Announced
June, 2019-- NO MEETING --
Jul 17, 2019 (3rd Wed)Gather and Organize Your iPhone PicturesTo Be Announced
Aug 14, 2019How to Use Your Mac CalendarTo Be Announced
Sep 11, 2019Moving from Windows to macOSPhil Davis, OMUG
Oct 9, 2019Use Alfred app to Boost Mac EfficiencyTo Be Announced
Nov 13, 2019Basic Programming on a MacTo Be Announced
December, 2019-- NO MEETING --
DateTopicLearn More
1/15/19 - 2/5/19Master Your MacMaster Your Mac