Use TextExpander to Simplify Your Work

Updated 2018-08-08 … Are you tired of typing the same phrases over and over in your email messages or in documents that you are creating? Your name Your address Sincerely yours, [your name] Links to a website Common phrases that you use often Standard paragraphs and more … Do you often make common spelling mistakes like … Read moreUse TextExpander to Simplify Your Work

Five Quick Tips

By Phil Davis Published December 2011; Updated December 2016 Use Spotlight to Launch Applications The simplest and fastest way to launch an application is to use Spotlight. Use the keyboard shortcut CMD+SpaceBar to open Spotlight, enter the name of the app (usually you only need the first few characters) and click on the app’s icon. … Read moreFive Quick Tips

What To Do When iCloud Photo Library Isn’t The Solution For You

Thursday, December 29th, 2016  |  Author: Steve Sande source: In last week’s article, I discussed how iCloud Photo Library works to synchronize all of  your photos and videos on all of your devices — Mac, iOS, Apple TV, Windows PCs and so on — so that regardless of the storage available on any device, you have access to your … Read moreWhat To Do When iCloud Photo Library Isn’t The Solution For You

How iCloud Photo Library and the Photos App Work

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016  |  Author: Steve Sande Source: The holidays are hitting this month and that means time with family and friends as well as making memories with your iPhone or iPad camera. You might very well take enough photos or video to run out of space on your iOS device, so today we’ll discuss how the iCloud Photo … Read moreHow iCloud Photo Library and the Photos App Work

How do I add an additional Gmail account?

These instructions will show you how to add a second gmail account to your existing one. You might want a new one to separate personal mail from business mail, or to use for a club or hobby. There are no restrictions on how many accounts you can have.

The simple way is to go directly to the gmail account creation page ( and fill out the form provided by Google. If you choose this method, do not click the sign in button at the top. This will just take you to your existing account.

Another way is to use your existing account to either (1) create a new account, or (2) login to any of your other accounts. The process is not hard, but requires clicking through several screens to get to the end result.

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Pixelmator for iPad

Take a look at this powerful, yet easy to use image editor available for your iPad. Here is a review of the app along with a couple of video tutorials. Review: Pixelmator for iPad is an affordable image editor that packs a powerful punch | Macworld Pixelmator for iPad Tutorial – YouTube – Pixelmator for … Read morePixelmator for iPad