Using iPhoto to Create a Book

May 19, 2012


Show examples of iPhoto Books (some from audience)

Mention Updates available at app store (iPhoto and iPhoto Tutorial)

Show iPhoto Tutorial - Book section

Show iPhoto Help movie (2 minutes)

Lecture - Demonstration

  1. Determine which photos you want to include in your book
    • Album
    • Event
    • Person (faces)
    • Individual Photos
  2. Select the Album or Event or Faces or Photos to include (be sure all the photos and only the photos you want to put in your book are selected)
  3. Click Create > book
  4. Click Type of Book desired (top of screen) and Size of Book (lower left) - you will see the price displayed for each size and type combination.
  5. Select Theme - You can see all themes individually by clicking at the top right of type of book or by using the arrow keys to rotate the types.
  6. Select Color (lower right on screen)
  7. Click Create (iPhoto will arrange your photos in your book)
  8. Examine your book for changes you may want to make and text you may wish to add.
  9. Make desired changes (you can drag to rearrange, edit individual photos, zoom in on a portion of the photo, and add text where desired.) Some pages have a place for text - in others you will have to make a place for text)
  10. Buy Book iphoto_book_prices

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