Tom Lee

Board Member

I was born and raised in New Britain, Connecticut, and after a rather circuitous route wound up spending my working years there as well. After graduation from New Britain High School, I took degrees at Bates College, Duke University, and Rice University. While in Houston, I met Melva in the apartment complex where a number of us grad students lived. We married in Houston. After a post-doc and visiting lectureship in physiology at Rice while my major professor was on Sabbatical leave, I took a position in the Biology Department at Central Connecticut State College/University. I remained there for 27 years until the State offered an early retirement incentive (i.e., leave now or here’s what we’ll be taking away from you in the future). I also enjoyed a visiting professorship in the Graduate Liberal Studies Program for 12 summers at Wesleyan University. Most of my research was focused on nitrogen metabolism and excretion in certain invertebrates. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of colleagues to work with and those of us left remain close even though separated by many miles.

Melva and I have two sons, the older living in Illinois and the younger in Michigan. One of the very best things we did for the boys was to buy them an Apple II with a whopping 48 K of memory. To this day, computers are central to their jobs as well as for creative activities for pleasure. We must have gone wrong somewhere, since Macs have not become central to their home lives. Mostly Linux for the older one and Windows for the younger son. Should have had a clue when OS2 Warp was their operating system of choice for a while. But, that OS was “like having a Cadillac without wheels,” as one computer guru put it.

Melva and I were married for 19 years, divorced, each married someone else, both were divorced from the second spouses, and then we were able to reconnect with each other after a 19-year hiatus. After retiring, I moved to Pensacola, then to Nacogdoches, Texas, and finally to Ocala in 2001. Melva had moved to Albuquerque, NM, where she later retired from her OR nursing career. After emails, instant messages, phone calls, and, finally, Southwest Airlines trips, we got back together. Melva chose to move to Ocala (I gladly would have gone to Albuquerque if she had wanted to stay there) in 2002, when we remarried with our sons at our sides and two grandchildren in attendance. The second chance has been great and it would be nice to be able to move together past the 19-year segment this time.

We moved from Windows computers to iMacs in 2009 and have since added a MacBook Pro, an iPad (3rd generation), an iPad mini, and two iPhones. OMUG has been the best resource for us and has the friendliest people.

Updated: 2016-04-18