Phil Davis

Webmaster, Apple Group Ambassador

I grew up in Winter Haven, FL and received degrees in Physics from Florida State University where I met my wife of 56 years, Anne. After a short stint as an infrared astronomer in Massachusetts, I spent 31 years in government service in a variety of technical and executive positions for NASA (the Cape, Electronics Research Center, Space Station Program, Goddard Space Flight Center - CIO), the Department of Transportation (Transportation Systems Center, NHTSA), and the Department of Energy (Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Program).

After retiring from NASA in 1996 I worked for nearly four years as the Information Technology Architect for the Fairfax County, VA school district. My wife Anne and I moved back to Florida in late 1999 to help care for aging relatives and were lucky enough to settle in Ocala. We have one daughter who lives in California and is a data curator for geoscience datasets.

My introduction to the personal computer world was with an Apple IIe purchased in the mid-80's. It pains me to think that this computer cost me more than my MacPro tower! After a couple of years I purchased a PC so that I could run the recently released spreadsheet program -- VisiCalc. I stuck with PCs for many years but decided to make the switch back to the Apple world several years ago when the Mac was released with the Intel chip.

I have been involved with web activities of various sorts since the late 1980s, but I didn't get serious about learning web development until my second retirement. Since moving to Ocala I have created web sites for a couple of schools, a local charity, other local organizations, and several personal sites. For three years I taught a basic web design class in CFCC's Continuing Education Department. I now manage several websites including OMUG, OMUG Tech Notes, MacHelp, and Senior Learners, Inc.

Most of what I know I learned by reading, analyzing the work of experts in the field, and lots of trial and error (lots of errors). My other interests are photography, reading, and providing technical support to my extended family.

Updated: 2018-11-30