N.C. Sizemore

Vice President

I was born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC. Even though I grew up very close to the wrong side of the tracks (actually pretty close to the tracks) I had the good fortune to attend an excellent public high school, R.J. Reynolds HS. Most of the students were headed for college. I was an absolute car nut and instead of spending time in extracurricular activities or sports I worked 1 hour before school, 3 hours after school and all day Saturday to support my car (and gas) desires. I also had an interest in Photography and acquired a twin lens reflex camera, which I enjoyed using. My mother thought I took weird photos because most of them were of places and things instead of people.

Between 1955 and 1960 I attended and graduated from North Carolina State University, served 6 months active duty in the US Army, began a 5 1/2 year stint in the active reserve, married my first wife, and became the father of 2 darling little girls. In 1960 I went to work for BF Goodrich in Akron, Ohio as a PMT (production management trainee). This was to lead to a job as a floor foreman in a rubber factory with a career path to plant manager. It didn't quite work out that way. Upon completion of the PMT program the country was in a recession and no floor foremen were needed. Even though I hardly knew what one was, I entered another training program and became a Field Auditor, auditing BFG retail stores. Two years later, I became a Systems Analyst, then two years after that the Project Manager for the Retail Store computer system. During this time I attended a night masters program at Kent State University and graduated with an MBA in February 1969.

In April 1969 I moved to First and Merchants Bank in Richmond, VA as Director of Systems and Programming. In 1973 I became Manager of Long Range Systems Planning.

In 1977 I moved to Atlantic Bank in Jacksonville, FL as Manager of EDP Auditing, then a new and lucrative field. I added duties as manager of Internal Fraud Investigations and finally became Interim director of the Fl Internal Audit Dept. (First Union had bought Atlantic in 1985). When First Union moved the Auditing Dept. to Charlotte, I became Manager - Branch Services. A group that designed, tested, and offered call center support for teller software; assisted with branch consolidations after acquisitions, handled FL statewide compliance issues, and coordinated accounts sold by corporate cash management but serviced by FL branches.

My first marriage ended in divorce in 1999 and I married my present wife, Shelley Sizemore, October 13, 2002. Between us, Shelley and I have 3 daughters, 9 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren. We live in Oak Run. Both of us are active in the Kiwanis Club of Ocala. I am Publicity Chair, Social Media Administrator, backup photographer, and webmaster. We both attend Ocala West United Methodist Church.

I retired from Wachovia shortly after the FL consolidation was consummated (September 2003) and moved to Ocala. I had become interested in digital photography and had heard that MACs were the machines of choice for digital image processing. I bought a Powerbook G4 in October of 2003. I needed to learn to use the MAC so I joined OMUG in 2004 and I have been learning more about using my MAC ever since. I now have an iPhone 8+, and a Macbook Pro. I also get to provide "technical support" to Shelley's iPad Pro, iPhone X, and iMac. OMUG continues to be very helpful to me as a user and the friends I have met are wonderful!

Updated: December 2018