Cammie Fairburn

Treasurer, Membership Coordinator

I was a military brat who moved 10 times, including 3 moves during high school. I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a BA in Biology. Since I had just been certified as a scuba diver, I moved to Florida and worked as a clinical laboratory scientist in both hospital and reference laboratories. After obtaining a masters degree in Medical Technology, I worked as a clinical laboratory manager, including 24 years with Munroe Regional Medical Center, from which I recently retired.

I have been an OMUG member since purchasing a MacBook Pro in 2014, and since then have also purchased an iPad Pro and an iPhone 8. My hobbies are hiking and biking the many trails in north central Florida, and underwater photography with a GoPro camera. I look forward to learning more about Macs (especially iMovie) and to serving on the OMUG board.

Updated: 2018-04-05