Burt Stephens

Program Coordinator

I grew up in Frederick, MD and went to the American and George Washington Universities where I received degrees in Experimental Psychology and Human Factors. I became interested in technology as an undergraduate at American University where I was the manager of radio station, WAMU. My first real job was with the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. A few years later I joined the Bureau of Public Road (later to become the Federal Highway Administration). After 35 years I retired from the government, but then I took on a variety of other jobs -- as Director of the International Clearinghouse for the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, a consultant for several firms, and teaching and research positions at the Universities of Maryland and Florida. Two years ago I really retired, although I am involved in several volunteer organizations and do a bit of teaching at Central Florida College’s Senior Institute.

My wife, Lynne and I moved to Florida in late 1995. Our daughter, Susan and her family moved to Oviedo at the same time. Our other children, Margo and Guy live and work in Maryland. Our five grandchildren vary in ages from 1 year to 21.

My first personal computers were acquired in the early 1980s with an Apple IIe at work and a Commodore-64 at home. A couple years later I purchased a PC for more than $2,000. I continued to purchase PCs until 2007, when my son and wife conspired to get me an iMac desktop. It took me more than a year to shed my old Windows habits. Eventually, I began to use my iMac more and more. My wife became jealous, so I bought her MacMini with several extras. Since then we have added to our Apple collection a MacBook Pro, 3 iPod Touch units, and most recently my wife got her 3g iPad. Although we still use PCs occasionally we definitely are members of the Mac family.

I have yet to set up a web site but have been prompted to do so by my son who has been a professional web designer for the last 10 years. The most challenging activities have involved: the development of movies, mostly from old video tapes taken by our family and friends and developing Keynote presentations for courses and other presentations.

My current computer-related challenge will be to entice people in OMUG to share their mac- related experiences and to make presentations at our monthly meetings.

Updated: June 2012