Bob Adams

Past President

I was born in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Vandalia, north of Dayton. Graduated from Vandalia-Butler H. S., following high school went to Colorado Schools of Mines, in Golden, Colorado on a football scholarship. When that didn’t work out, I returned to Vandalia for a few years, prior to enlisting in the Army. After 20 years, I retired as a Chief Warrant Officer in Military Intelligence. Spent 18 years of my 20 overseas, including 11 years in Berlin, Germany where I met my wife Renate. We returned to the US in 1981.

Following my military service, I began my second career as a system engineer with Ford Aerospace in 1980 finishing as a Line of Business Manager in 1990. Between 1990 and 2001, I held a variety of positions, including Operations Manager with Harris Corporation, Business Development Manager with TRW Corporation, Site Manager with Loral Aerospace, President of Pulse Engineering, and Senior VP and General Manager of the ISSD Division of Titan Systems Corporation. After a short period of retirement, in 2003 I consulted for QSS System Group and Perot Systems Group for two more years. In 2005, my wife and I moved to Ocala, Florida and retired again.

I have a BS and MS in the Management of Technology Development from the University of Maryland;

Bought my first PC in 1972, built my first computer in 1976 an RCA COSMAC Elf and my last one a little over a year ago; didn’t get into Macs until 2005, since then I’ve been a Mac fan. I have one iMac, a Mac Mini, a MacBook, a MacBook Pro, six iPads, an iPhone4, 5, and 6+, 4 iPods, and an iTouch; oh, and I still have five PCs running Windows and Linux.

Updated: 2016-04-20