Al Sypher

Newsletter Editor

Though now a Floridian for most of my life, I grew up on mid-Long Island, NY, in a community called Hicksville. Yes, there really is a town in the in cosmopolitan New York area by that name. It was founded by a man named “Hicks.”  I received my degree from the State University of New York, majoring in Advertising Art & Design and have consistently kept my skills current on advertising, graphic design and related technology issues through several continuing education venues. Upon college graduation I immediately began work at Hazeltine Corporation in layout and production of technical publications and instruction manuals. I advanced to section supervisor and later expanded duties into creative design of the Company’s promotional materials and sales proposals. Other experience in the New York area included a considerable amount of national and local advertising agency assignments. Then a vacation gave me sand in my shoes.

Florida beckoned and following the sun I relocated to the Fort Lauderdale area, residing in the rapidly growing city of Plantation. I joined an international structural building products corporation in Miami, as assistant advertising manager and quickly advanced to the position of Advertising/Public Relations Director, heading up an in-house advertising agency for the company. The work encompassed a broad scope of trade advertising, product literature, in-the-field product photography, trade show exhibit design and coordination, multimedia presentations including live talent, and public relations. 

Nine years later, I formed Image Associates, a boutique advertising agency focused on business-to-business clients located in several states. Image Associates is now 40 years mature and still continues though I have tempered it down into a workstyle of semi-retirement. I still service clients in the megayacht marine accessory products industry and the wholesale sign industry as-needed. Image Associates has provided services such as creative advertising, corporate identity, sales literature, trade show exhibit design and client exhibit management, signage and way-finding systems, website creation and photography services. It also provides public relations services and marketing assistance as needed. Professionally, I have been honored by receiving several advertising industry awards for print design, trade show exhibit design. My product application photography has been featured as several trade magazine covers and in support of magazine editorial stories. 

My business brought me to the Mac in 1988, with my first unit being a Mac IIcx containing a whopping big 40 MB hard drive, 1 MB RAM and a 16MHz processor speed. It sold with monitor for $5300. I have to admit that after having spent many years on a drawing board doing “creative”, at first the Mac scared me to death and was the world’s most expensive door stop for the first month of ownership. Then the magic began and I’ve never looked back. In a “potential understatement for all time,” Macs have sure changed. The primary software I use is Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, GoLive, Acrobat and TextEdit. I will occasionally will use Apple’s Pages, LibreOffice, Keynote, Perfect Resize and a host of utility programs as needed. I work with a Mac mini, a Mac tower unit, a MacBook Pro and an iPad mini. My photo equipment is mostly all in the Nikon family.

I married my high school sweetheart Eileen, who has recently passed, and we have two adult sons. Eileen and I always loved travel which most recently took us to Alaska via the inside passage from Vancouver, and on to an experience of Alaska’s vast interior. Our love of nature, especially the hills and mountains, motivated us to travel extensively with our growing sons across this beautiful country and throughout many of our national parks. That same love of nature and hills had us choose a relocation to the rolling hills and horse country of Ocala, FL in 2005. In addition to travel, I enjoy snow skiing, cycling, hiking, reading, photography, browsing art shows, and attending concerts from jazz to light-classical. College football is definitely a big love as well…..Go Canes!

One phrase that embellished an archway at my university has followed me to this day, “Let each become all he is capable of being.” That is something I’ve tried to live by and instill in associates. Now I’d like to spend more time seeing new things. Although Vail, Colorado is my favorite place for skiing and unwinding, the snowy slopes of Breckenridge was the venue this year (2016) to celebrate a special birthday. And then, back to photographing Alaska, perhaps overland through western Canada, or North Carolina again. Wherever…..

Updated: 2016-05-01