Mountain Lion Impressions

Here are some impressions, based on my limited experience with Mountain Lion on two of my computers. So far it seems to be stable and to be an improvement over Lion.


  1. 13" MacBook Pro w/ 8GB RAM, 2.7GHZ Core i7, mid-2011
  2. Mac Mini w/ 8GB RAM, 2.7 GHZ Core i7, mid-2011

Before Installing

  1. Make sure your hardware supports Mountain LIon
  2. Download Mountain Lion
  3. Make a backup USB Flash Drive after downloading and before installing
  4. Then, install Mountain Lion

First Observations

Information About Selected Apps

Features Removed (partial list)

Source: arstechnica

  1. RSS in Safari (and Mail).
  2. Safari’s Activity Viewer.
  3. Using a laptop with the lid open, but with just an external display active.
  4. The Safari search box.
  5. (The GUI to) Web sharing.
  6. iChat. iChat’s functionality has been subsumed into Messages.
  7. Automatic document locking. Lion would lock documents after 14 days to avoid inadvertent changes. You can still manually lock files from the Finder using the Get Info option, or with a little menu that drops down from the file’s name in the title bar when you hover the pointer over it (in conforming applications).

Reported Problems