Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 99, November 2006

From the President's Desk

The Way I See It

Tim Rankin, President

Again I want to use my space in this
column to discuss both our program for
this month and our upcoming Christmas party which
will be held at the same time as our regular December
meeting on Tuesday night, December 5th. This
month’s presentation will be given by one of our own
members, Merrill Anderson, who is a very gifted
artist. I asked Merrill to showcase her art work for us
and she plans to do that with high resolution slides of
several of her oil paintings and by zooming in will
show us the incredible detail with which she paints.
She plans to tell interesting details of the paintings that
will be displayed on the screen.

Each of you should have received an e-mail (which is also included with this MUGSHOT) from Sally Smyth, our OMUG Secretary, giving you details of our Annual Christmas party and asking if you will volunteer to help make this event as good or even better than it was last year. Also, you are in store for a surprise treat in the form
of some special entertainment during the Christmas

Apple News

The rumor mill says that the next version of
iWork, due to be released the first part of next
year, will have a spreadsheet application. This
spreadsheet, named Lasso, has been expected for
some time. Lasso will not be as powerful as
Microsoft’s Excel, but will be more powerful than
the spreadsheet in Appleworks. Lasso is expected
to support importing of Excel and Appleworks
spreadsheets and also be able to save a document
in the Excel format. Lasso will include templates
for such things as personal finance, business and
so forth. Also included will be the capability of
making professional looking charts to show the
results of the spreadsheets.

Pages 3, the upgrade to the page layout/desktop
publishing application will receive some major
changes. To give it more normal word
processing capabilities, Pages 3 will be split into
two modes; word processing and page layout.

Keynote 4 will receive upgrades including new
themes. Some of the themes will be animated
and some will be high definition. It will also be
capable of exporting their presentation to their

MacBook Pro gets Processor Upgrade

Apple has up upgraded its MacBook Pro line of
laptops to include the Intel Core 2 Duo processor
chip. It will make them perform 39% faster than
the previous models. All three models get double
the memory, a larger hard drive and a Firewire
800 port. All models include a 6x Superdrive,
Ethernet, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR,
one Firewire 800 port, one Firewire 400 port and
two USB 2.0 ports (the 17-inch model has three),
a DVI output for connecting to another monitor,
audio in and out jacks, iSight camera and an
ExpressCard 34 expansion card slot. More
products are being introduce to utilize the
ExpressCard capability. More more details and
prices visit the Apple web site.

Apple iPod Cell Phones

It is also rumored that Apple will introduce two
iPod base cell phones in the early part of 2007.
One model will have just music capability but the
other will have video and music. No prices were
included in the rumors

Other News

Samsun Color Laser Printer

Samsung will soon release The CLP-300 color
laser printer. At 15.4" W x 13.5" D x 10.4" H this
printer will be the smallest in Its class At just 30
pounds it could be the lightest. It delivers color
prints at 4 ppm and text at 17 ppm. It uses small
toner bottles instead of cartridges and toner
changes are said to be fast and simple. It uses a
USB interface and works with both Mac and

November Program

Merrill Anderson paints portraits
professionally and will share with our
OMUG group her artwork spanning over
a 15 year period. She will give a little
commentary on the selected pieces and
will showcase her meticulous style with
her Mac and Mouse.


I begin these minutes with a huge apology for
there not being any minutes for the August
meeting. I had reminded Tim that I would be
away and had asked Joan Greenwood if she
could take the minutes (remember her GREAT
minutes a few months back), but alas, she too,
was out of town, ergo, no minutes. Mea maxia

Our September meeting took place at the Senior
Center on the third day of September, 2006. We
were nineteen in attendance, including new
member Phil Davis (Phil if from Ocala and is an
expert at Web design. He offers Computer
assistance at the Library every Thursday of the
week form 1 to 3). Our other guest was
returning member Marilyn Cronin. Welcome
back, Marilyn.

Upon entering, Judy Rankin was in her usual
position at the welcoming table as were
Treasurer Clint Jones, Virginia Baldwin our
Sunshine Lady, and Newsletter Editor Earl
Satterfield, selling 50/50 raffle tickets like crazy.
President Tim Rankin began our meeting with an
announcement that Staples no longer accepts
recyclable Epson cartridges for the $3.00 coupon
because of the tricky head cleaner component on
those cartridges. However, they continue to
accept Dell or H.P. brand. He also suggested that
we "take" from a table, filled with Mac "freebies".

Our guest speaker/demonstrator Janneke Bogyo
needed no introduction as she has graciously
shared her iPhoto/iDVD/iMovie acumen with us
in the past. Janneke's Mac background goes back
to 1979. She spent thirty-two years teaching
"Computer Sciences" to elementary and High
School students. At present, she is using her new
MacBook Pro and spends an enormous amount
of time, creating slide shows from her video
camera and her digital camera (Casio Exilm 8 MP
1Gig Mem). This work is very time intensive
and so she suggests that you start early and get
very well organized before you begin. Also,
remember that the "Burn" takes a long time due
to the complicated gathering of info - rendering
of color, music, subject, action, etc. She urges
you to NOT use that paper labels on the CD's or
DVD's as they can get STUCK in most slots and
she strongly suggest that you purchase the book
iLIfe '06 by Jim Heid. A total MUST HAVE for
this kind of work.

Janneke demonstrated the steps necessary to
create a decent (and professional looking) iDVD
using iMovie for the editing process,
remembering the the AUDIO must be last in line
AFTER you have completed the cropping and
editing. Drag and drop pictures from your
desktop and choose the results you wish to
achieve, using the Ken Burns effect; choose the
transitions and titles and select a theme from the
many offered in these great programs. For quick
and easier tasking, go to Magic iDVD which is
MUCH more user friendly. She showed us how
she used movies, stills, themes, music, etc. in
creating her DVD's, quick enough to do in a
quarter of the time. More instant gratification, if
you will.

Refreshments were prepared by Judy Rankin
and Virginia Baldwin - delicious as always,
followed by the 50/50 drawing. New member
Phil Davis' tickets were picked TWICE and
Rudolf Gasser and Tim Rankin picked from the

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Sally Smyth
Secretary, OMUG Sally Smyth

Open Letter from OMUG Secretary

Greetings to you all on this last day of
October ~ HALLOWEEN...........
It's never too late to start thinking
about our annual Christmas Party.
It would be wonderful to see you ALL
there to celebrate another great year
at OMUG. The date? Tuesday,
December 5th at 7 p.m. Mark your

Tim has asked me to "head up" if you
will ~ "to organize "~ this event.
I will be asking for ideas and
volunteers to help out so be prepared
at our next meeting, Tuesday,
November 7, for my plea for your
thoughts, wishes and able hands
to help make our party a fun, festive
and delicious affair.

You can e-mail me in advance at:
Thank you all so much for your
support and friendship through the

I'll be looking forward to seeing you
on Nov. 7.

Warmest regards from your Secretary
and friend....

Tiger Tip of the Week

Can’t Remember the Password?

submitted by Al Sypher

If you can’t remember a password for a website (or anything else for
that matter), all your passwords are saved in the Keychain Access
utility (which probably isn’t news to you), but the cool thing is you
can do a Spotlight search from right within Keychain to quickly find
the password you’re looking for.
Start by looking inside your Applications folder for the Utilities
folder, and inside of that double-click on Keychain Access. When it
opens you’ll see a search field in the upper-right corner. Type the
name of the site you’re looking for, and it will appear. Double-click
on the result and an info dialog will appear, and to see your password,
turn on the show Password checkbox. (Tip courtesy of Scott Kelby’s
book-Mac OS X Tiger Killer Tips)

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