Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 95, July 2006

From the President's Desk

The Way I See It

Tim Rankin, President

I’m actually writing this column on Tuesday, July 4th and reflecting on the fact that not only do we have freedom and independence as a nation and a people, but that freedom of choice and independence filters right on down to our choices as to computer equipment and software.

All of us in OMUG have made the choice to use a Mac even though the vast majority of the country is of the
Windows persuasion. Many have no choice but to use
the Wintel box at their job as the company the work
for dictates that choice and that often has to do with
the software that the particular company needs to
operate may only be available for Windows. Often
these individuals that are forced to use Microsoft at
work have a Mac at home. You can hardly watch TV
for any length of time without seeing these wonderful
commercials comparing the ease of use and significant
amount of creative bundled software of the Mac
contrasted with a more involved setup and pitiful
small amount of useful software that comes with a
new PC.

Again Apple is taking the lead in giving those
who must use Windows, but would really rather have
a Mac to have the best of both worlds by now being
able to boot either platform with the new Intel Macs
that have both Mac OS X and Windows XP installed.
Now I call that what Freedom and Independence is all
about. Semper Fi!

Apple News

There is no big news this month since Apple has not
released any new products or major software. Here are
some news bit that may be of interest.

iPhoto adds new greeting card, postcard themes
Apple has updated iPhoto software to version 6.0.4.
The new update is available for download through the
Software Update system preference or from Apple’s
Web site. This update contains a variety of new
Greeting Card and Postcard themes for use with Apple
print services. Included are invitation and thank you
card designs for parties, weddings, birthdays, etc.

Apple and Best Buy
Apple has a program with Best Buy stores to sell
certain models of Apple equipment, namely iPods. If
it proves to be a success, a program to sell all of
Apple's products could be negotiated.

Apple has a pilot program with six Best Buy stores in
the west to sell an expanded line of Mac computers
that include both Mac minis models, the low-end iMac
17-inch, all three MacBooks and the low-end
MacBook Pro.

Apple Lossless format coming to iTMS?
Apple may soon start using a new format that will use
a new higher quality lossless compression format for
downloading tunes from the iTunes Music Store. It
offered CD-quality audio in about half the storage

Apple Rumors
There have been several rumors concerning Apple
products. With the World Wide Developers
Conference coming up in August it is expected that the
new Mac tower models with Intel processors will be
announced. There have been many rumors about speed
bumps in the Mac mini and the MacBook and
MacBook Pro models. Since Intel has announced
several new chips there may be a chance of these new
chips being incorporated in these models. We will have
to wait and see.

Apple adds two new MacBooks
A web site that has the latest news and rumors
concerning Apple products reports that Apple
Computer has added two new configurations to its
MacBook line. A new 2.0GHz white MacBook now
has 1GB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive. Otherwise
it is the same as the older model. It sells for $1,449, an
increase of $150

A new black 2.0GHz MacBook, selling for $1,599, has
its RAM increased to 1GB. Otherwise it is the same
as the older model.

iMac for Education Market
Apple has announced a new iMac for Education to
replace the old eMac. It is a 17-inch 1.83 GHz iMac,
with a 1.83GHz Intel Core Dual processor and
512MB of RAM. It has a Combo drive instead of a
SuperDrive, it uses the Intel GMA 950 graphics
instead of a separate video crd, and has an 80GB hard
drive. It sells for $899.

July Program

I think it is safe to assume that all of us use a Word
Processing program and that probably the majority of
OMUG members, no doubt, use Appleworks. We
have a program for July on “Using Appleworks” and
it will be presented by Curtiss Besley (the other half of
the duo team that presented our Digital Camera
Program last month). In fact, Curtiss has been using
Appleworks for a considerable length of time and uses
it in his business, which is Eagle Transport (for the
physically challenged). So bring your Appleworks
questions for Curtiss and if he doesn’t answer them
during his presentation, you get a chance to try and
stump him. See you next Tuesday night July 11th.

Other News

Take Control Books
How many of you know about a series of eBooks that
are released under the title “Take Control of...”. There
are currently 13 of these books on the Mac OS X
operating system, 10 about Mac applications and 12
on Mac hardware and technology such as iPod, WiFi,
digital photography and digital cameras.

Most of these eBooks cost $5 and $10, however, one
is $15 and another is $20. They vary in size from 66
to 255 pages. They can be downloaded from

Windows on your Mac
When you install Windows XP on your new Intel Mac
you will be taking chance with viruses and other
malware. If you go to there is a very good
article on this subject.

The author states that the Mac OS partition will be safe but that the Windows partition will be susceptible to all the woes of Windows users. He gives suggestions about how to combat these problems and the software that will help with this protection.

Keyboard Shortcuts
I have been using AppleWorks for years and I like it,
but it does have some limitations. My wife likes me to
make copies of receipts and other documents, so I scan
them, and then insert them into a word processing file.
This is easier to do than to have to open them in
Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. I have noticed that
some of the receipts are difficult to read on the screen
and not much better when printed.

As an experiment I tried Microsoft Word. The on-screen and the printed copies were much better; therefore I now use Word for all of this type of work. Right away I noticed there was no keyboard shortcut for the Save As command.
After some searching I found that you can create your
own keyboard shortcut for any application. Here is
what you do:

1. Click on the Blue Apple
2. Select System Preferences…
3, Select Keyboard & Mouse
4. Select Keyboard Shortcuts
5. The window that opens will display the shortcuts
that are now available. At the bottom will be
Application Keyboard Shortcuts.
6. If you select All Applications and click on the “+”
button a new window will appear allowing you to
create a shortcut for use with all applications.
7. In my case I just wanted shortcuts for “Word”, so I
clicked on the Application button at the top of the
window. A new window will open showing a list of
your applications. I selected Word.
8. If your application does not appear in this list, go to
the bottom and select Other…. A new window will
open allowing you to search for the applications you
are seeking.
9. For my use, I wanted a command for Word so I
selected Word from the menu.
10. Following Menu Title is a blank box. Enter the
name of the command you want to use in that box.
Enter it exactly as it appears in the main menu at the
top of the screen—which is the Save As… command.
Note that these are not three periods following As.
They are horizontal ellipsis and can be found in the
character palette.
11. For the Keyboard Shortcut, enter command shift
S in the blank box. All three keys must be pressed
simultaneously for the command to appear.
12. You can add other commands that do not appear in
the main menu bar. I wanted a shortcut that would
allow me to insert a picture into a Word document.
13. In the Word menu bar select the Insert command.
14. In the drop-down menu select Picture. A submenu
will appear and you select From File…. This is
the command that you enter in the Menu Title box.
15. For the shortcut required I used Control A,
because the keys are close to one another and it didn’t
appear to conflict with any known shortcuts. Select
the Keyboard Shortcut, and in the blank box enter
Control A by pressing both of these keys

These new commands will not function when you first
open the Word application. You must use the old
method of selecting the commands from the main menu
using the mouse. After the command has been used the
first time, the keyboard shortcut will function. This
applies to every time you start Word.


Our monthly meeting of the Ocala Mac Users Group
was held on the evening of June 6 at the Senior Center
We were twenty nine in attendance. Mr. Jim Pete was
our only guest. Clint Jones and Virginia Baldwin sold
50/50 tickets and Judy Rankin had a full display of our
name tags of all paid up members, so this month, all
attendees wore their IDs, which is a big help for me as
Secretary Alan Gold reappeared and we were very
happy indeed to see him looking so well.

Tim began the meeting by welcoming all new members
and then moved on to upcoming programs. Merrill
Anderson will do a program on art and photography,
Janeke Bogyo will be with us again in September,
hopefully with more iMovie information. There is a
new version of Print Explosion and Judy Rankin is
working our the details and will do a program later in
the year. The program comes on a DVD and will open
on any 10.2 system or higher. Jake Jackson was in
town and will be back in July. As our July meeting
falls on the 4th, it has been moved up to the 11th.

Old friend Rick Carlsen along with his close friend
Curtiss Besley, began the Digital camera and
Photography demonstration. Rick brought along
various digital cameras and showed us a slide show
from his old teaching days that he had prepared using
iPhoto, iTunes and iMovie, with the wonderful Ken
Burns affect giving the show lots of motion. He then
discussed cameras and the features that the buyer
should be looking for depending on individual needs.

Other topics covered were memory cards, optical
zoom vs. digital zoom, older style 35mm cameras and
their current usage by professionals, OIS stabilizers
and more. Rick's personal camera is a Nikon D50. It
was a very comprehensive presentation.

After refreshments, we had the 50/50 drawing and our
winners were Clint Jones and Ed Anderson who chose
articles from the table. Phil Holland and Michelle
Holmes each received $24.00 in cash.

Tim announced that he will hold a class on digital photography at the Senior Center on Monday, June 19th at 7 p.m.

Our new web link is If you have now received MUGSHOTS, go to the new site and
download it. No problem.

Q&A time. Dick Rhode wanted information on how
to size photos for a newsletter.

Because of the new intel chip in newer Macs, virus'
may become a problem as more and more users access
PC Windows XP. (One can try INTEGO - virus
barrier X4, CLAM XAB1.0.3 and Open Sounds,
which is free and available from Version Tracker).
N.C. Sizemore feels that he may need anti virus
software, however, the Mac is still free from virus

The meeting adjourned at 8:45
Respectfully submitted,
Sally Smyth
Secretary, OMUG

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