Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 89, January 2006

From the President's Desk

The Way I See It

Tim Rankin, President

Again I would like to thank everyone involved for making our 2005 Christmas party one of the best ever.
Thanks to Merrill Anderson we have plenty of pictures to remind us of the event. We are going to attempt to add
a few pictures in each of our MUGSHOTs as I feel
that images add to any newsletter. We are working on
some great programs for future meetings so stay tuned.
If you weren’t able to attend the Christmas Party,
don’t forget to ask for your 2006 OMUG Calendar
which turned out beautifully thanks to Clint & Janet
Jones at the Copy Shoppe. We hope that some of you
in our group were fortunate enough to receive a new
computer or computer gadgets for Christmas that we
may be able to help you enjoy as a computer User
Group as that is what it is all about folks.

Apple News

There is no news from Apple this month. However,
the rumor mill is going strong. Everyone is waiting to
see what Steve Jobs will announce in his keynote
address at the Macworld Expo on January 10. The
strongest rumor seems to be the introduction of a new
iBook with the Intel processor. The second strongest
rumor seems to be a new Mac mini with the same Intel
chip. One things that all the analysts seem to agree on
is that Apple is moving strongly into the music, video,
home entertainment business and there will probably
be some kind of announcement of a new product that
will fit into this category. Such an item would be a
home entertainment control center using the Mac mini
with the new Intel chip. We will see what the new year brings.

Macintosh Hints & Tips

Camera Info

Q: What is EXIF data?
A: Supported in just about all digital cameras, the
EXIF (exchangeable image file format) protocol adds
metadata tags to JPEG files. these tags contain
information such as aperture size, lens focal length,
flash information, exposure settings, shutter speed,
file size, and camera model. A variety of applications,
such as the free Simple EXIF Viewer for Mac OS X
(, can display this
data. In iPhoto, you can highlight a picture and select
“Show Photo Info” from the File menu to view EXIF
MacAddict Magazine

January Program

Whatever you do, plan to make this OMUG
presentation by none other than our past President,
Mike Bridge and his first lady Rose. If you recall the
Bridges sold their home in Ocala, bought an RV and
became nomads across this great nation. They will give
us a travelogue that should prove to be extremely
interesting, documenting in word and pictures some of
the fantastic sights they have been able to see with
their new lifestyle. They are presently going to remain
in the general area until February. You can imagine the
pleasant surprise we all had when Mike and Rose
appeared for our Christmas Party. If you weren’t able
to make the Christmas get together you’ll definitely
want to come to the January meeting and say hello to
Mike and Rose and get a chance to see and hear their
several month long odyssey.


It was Christmas Party time at the Senior Center, with
35 enthusiastic OMUG revelers in attendance,
including guests, Ed Anderson, Bob Smyth and
surprise, surprise, Rose and Mike Bridge, back in
Ocala after months of road tripping all over the United
States! This year's Christmas gift, was a wonderfully
touching 2006 OMUG photo calendar (thank you,
thank you THE COPY SHOPPE), dedicated to long
time member George Lundy who passed away earlier
this year. Inside, the collection of candid photographs
for each on the twelve months, were wonderfully
varied and revealing, Oh dear!

Merrill Anderson spent the evening snapping pictures
of the merry makers, occasionally giving her camera
over to Jim Alexander, who has quite a background in
photography. Tim Rankin had prepared a slide show
of eclectic and random photographs accompanied by
lovely popular (Celine Dion) and holiday music.
After the blessing, the buffet began! Our festively
decorated table was replete with tasty finger
sandwiches, chicken tenders, deviled eggs, crudite,
fresh fruit, and much more, and the desserts, well,
cakes, pies and delights galore. Soft drinks and hot
coffee whetted our collective whistles, and the din
evidenced that a good time with friends, was being had
by all. The 50/50 winners were: Sonja Lier, Jake
Jackson, Grace Corbett and Mike Bridge.

After dinner, Tim asked for program suggestions for
the coming year. So far, in January, we will have "The
Rose and Mike Bridge Road Show", and in February,
Jim Alexander will discuss "House Keeping" - a file
management discussion, much needed by most of us, I
believe. Other topics for programs included converting
VHS to DVD's using the computer. Keep your
thinking caps on for future programs.

At the end of the evening it was group photo time!!!
What a hoot!!! We all bunched together for the shoot,
and guest Bob Smyth took, what we hope, will be the
photo of the decade!!!!

Very special thanks to the Christmas Party team:
Carolyn and Bob Docteur, Joan Greenwood, Michelle
Holmes, Sonja Lier, Connie Moore, Judy Rankin, and
Sally Smyth . My most sincere apologies to anyone
whose name does not appear above. This was a
collective effort and one of our best parties to date.
Happy New Year too you all.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sally Smyth
Secretary, OMUG

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December 31, 2005

Bank Balance December 1, 2005 text $349.59
Income: December 6 meeting 50/50 Raffle Tickets
Membership (Woodward)
Christmas Party (32@$5)


Total Receipts: text +$225.00
Expenses: December 6 meeting Rent (Senior Center)
Newsletter (Dec)
Raffle Items
Christmas Party (Food and Supplies)
Total Expenses:

Bank Balance December 31, 2005

text -$275.75

$ 587.00

Respectfully submitted:
by Judy Rankin for
Clint Jones, Treasurer


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