Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 85, September 2005

From the President's Desk

The Way I See It

Tim Rankin, President

It is a well known fact that once you have immersed yourself in using the Mac computer, you are going to have
at least one, if not several programs (applications) in which you become relatively proficient. Most of us learn
at least enough to be dangerous using a Word
processing program so we can write letters or possibly
a newsletter, maybe a short story or book (can you
say Connie Moore). From here the interest in the
various computer programs is all over the map, with
some going into desktop video, music,
photography,computer art, etc. If you have a niche
you have carved out using the computer, would you be
willing to share in with our group? We are always
looking for someone to share their computer
knowledge with us in the form of a presentation.
Maybe you know someone that would be willing to
demonstrate what they do with their computer
whether it be Mac or PC, let us know and we will
contact them and see if we can set up a program. One
added benefit of doing a presentation yourself is that
you will delve more deeply into the program and learn
it more thoroughly in order to present it. Don’t forget
you are among “home folks” when you do a
presentation so there is no need for fear and

Apple News

Help With Tiger
If you are a new Tiger user, or if you have questions
concerning Tiger, try this Apple web site

The first page has a listing for “Top Support Questions by Topic” and is broken down into six main categories:
Installation (Before, During and After)
Connecting to the Internet
Using OS X Mail
Printing and Faxing
Accounts, Passwords & Security
Connecting to Networks and Sharing Your Computer

Click on any one of these and the next window will
open showing a long list of questions that someone
may ask.

Below the Top Support Questions is the next main
group: “Learn About Some of Tigers New Features”.
This includes Spotlight , Dashboard and .Mac Sync.
The next main group is “Mac OS X Discussions” and
lists several categories. Click on one of these and you
will be taken to the discussion forum for that category.
You can pick up some useful information from other
people as they discuss their problems and solutions.
On the left side of the main page are several links that
will take you to further information.

Try it, you’ll like it,

Other News

Toast 7 Titanium is Coming
Roxio will release Toast 7 Titanium at the end of the
month and while it will retain the same look as Toast 6
it will include some exciting new features. Among them
will be support for the DivX video compression
format and the ability to browse iLife content
Toast 7 Titanium has added an iLife Browser so that
you can drag and drop items from your iLife
applications directly into Toast. This includes iTunes
music and playlists, iPhoto photos and albums,
iMovie projects and iDVD lists and Video folders
from DVDs. The new Toast also integrates with
Elgato’s EyeTV PVR software, so you can drag and
drop television shows you’ve recorded to your hard

This new release supports something called data
spanning. If I understand it correctly this will allow
you to backup your data on CDs or DVDs. When one
CD/DVD if full just insert another and continue until
all the data is backed up. Another application, included
with Toast 7, is called Roxio Restore and this will
allow you to restore data to your hard drive without
using Toast. More important, it will allow you to restore individual files and folders.

Dolby Digital audio makes it possible for Toast 7 to
be used to make audio DVDs. It will burn more than
50 hours of music to a single DVD, with on-screen TV
menus, automatic “SmartLists” and shuffle features.
If you are using Tiger you will be able to use a
Desktop Recorder Dashboard Widget to capture live
audio using CD Spin Doctor, also included with Toast
7 Titanium.

Tiger users also gain the Desktop Recorder Dashboard
Widget, a handy utility that enables you to capture
live audio using CD Spin Doctor, a companion
application that’s also included with Toast 7
Titanium. You can use it to record voice memos or
audio from any analog source.

CD Spin Doctor is an application that lets users
import audio from analog sources like records and
audio tapes, edit the tracks, reduce noise and so forth.
Discus, another companion application used for
producing custom CD labels and covers, has also been

Also new to this release is support for DivX, the
MPEG-4 based compression technology that’s on the
PC platform and from some DVD player
manufacturers. In addition there is support for DivX
HD. a true high definition playback technology.
Included with Toast 7 Titanium is CD Spin Doctor,
Motion Pictures HD, Deja Vu — a backup software
utility — and the Discus RE labeling software. It will
sell for $99 and a $20 rebate coupon can be used by present toast users.

September Program

Again we are going to honor past program requests for
information that will help those relatively new to
Macintosh. Tim Rankin will attempt to cover several
bases with a program entitled “Mac Tips & Tricks for
Newbies and Oldies Alike” and it will come complete
with a very detailed handout (which could be the
presentation without Tim). This will be slanted more
toward OS X simply because the majority of our
group use OS X and Apple no longer supports OS 9.
We want to encourage you to ask questions during the
presentation and hopefully we will have most of the
answers. Please plan to attend and bring a friend or a
stranger, who is just a friend you haven’t met yet.

Macintosh Hints & Tips

Compressing Files
It’s a pain to send a large file over the Internet, or a
horde of smaller ones. Fortunately, OS X has built-in
tools to ease this.
Select the file or files you want to bundle for
shipment in Finder, then select File > Create Archive.
This will write a copy of the files selected to a single,
compressed “zip” file that can be unpacked at the other end.
TMUG Insider, Pleasanton, CA

Search Our PDFs
Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Reader (version
6 and above) have powerful, fast search engines, so
you can easily find any word or phrase in all of our
newsletter PDFs. Just copy all your PDFs to one
folder, then open one of them in Acrobat or Reader.
When you perform a Find (Edit > Search), one option
is to search all PDFs in a folder. When the results are
displayed, you can click any one of them to instantly
go to where it was found inside a PDF.
Design Tools Monthly

Beware Adobe Reader 7
If you use the terrific PDF Browser Plug-in from
Schubert-IT to display, save, and print PDFs in
Safari, be aware that the installer for Acrobat Reader 7
will remove it and replace it with an Adobe plug- in.

Unfortunately, some people are reporting that the
Adobe plug-in doesn’t work very well.
Suggestion: back up your plug- in before installing
Reader 7, then replace Reader 7’s plug-in with yours
if necessary.

The Adobe plug-in is named AdobePDFviewer.plugin
and is located in /Library/Internet Plug- Ins.
For the Schubert plugin go to
Design Tool Monthly


Ocala Macintosh User Group Minutes
April 5, 2005

Your Secretary was in California with her grandbaby,
therefore missing the August meeting altogether. The
following is compiled from an e-mail from Judy

The monthly meeting of OMUG was held on Tuesday, August 2nd, at the Senior Center, with
thirty-four in attendance, including speaker Rick
Carlsen. Judy was absent as she had grandchildren
sitting duty and Alan Gold had asked that the meeting
be recorded some way so that he could get the
information but as it turned out Jake picked him up,
with his wheelchair, and brought him to the meeting.
Tim introduced new member Richard Rohde and three
renewals came in.

Prof. Rick Carlsen took lots of questions and, as
always, his answers were informative and most
interesting to old and new Mac users alike. There was
the usual 50/50 and the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
I sincerely apologize for the meagerness of these
minutes. If there are any additions or corrections,
please add and/or correct.

Respectfully submitted,
Sally Smyth
Secretary, OMUG

Is your Mac acting up on you!? Crashing, freezing – or did it just die?

Need help with these and all other problems or repairs pertaining to Macs.
Contact Joe Pipala 352-343-2813; Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 5:00 P.M.

If you are interested in Scanners, PhotoShop or Digital Cameras call
Tim & Judy Rankin at 352-821-2201; Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 5:00 P.M.

Check out the OMUG home page at

OMUG received a letter from Hospice acknowledging the memorial contribution in memory of
George Lundy and Wally Lentze. We also received a note of appreciation from Juliana Lentze.

Virginia Baldwin is recuperating from knee surgery at the Oakhurst Rehabilitation Center,
Room 505A, 1501 SE 24th Rd., Ocala, FL 34471, her phone number is 369-5209.

August 31, 2005

Bank Balance July 30, 2005 text $834.72
Income: August 2 meeting Four 2005-06 Memberships
W. & M.A. Burrell, M. Holmes, R. Rohde,
Ed Swan

50/50 Raffle Tickets



Total Receipts: text +$139.00
Expenses: August 2 meeting Rent (Senior Center)
50/50 Raffle Items
Annual Post Office Box Rent
Total Expenses:

Bank Balance August 31, 2005

text -$171.00

$ 811.72

Respectfully submitted:
by Judy Rankin for
Clint Jones, Treasurer


We have a number of volunteers who are available to help you with problems you may encounter using software:

PageMaker Art Golden 873-1530

PrintShop or Print Explosion Judy Rankin 821-2322

CD Burners : Jake Jackson 854-3373

General Mac Problems : Tim Rankin 821-2201

All the Board of Directors are available for help, also. See them on the Board of Directors page of this web site.