Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 78, February 2005

Point of View
Mike Bridge, OMUG President

Well, Mac Expo ‘05 is over and it looks like we will have a new operating system in the first half of the year. I think Panther will be a hard act to follow. If you want to see Steve Jobs’ keynote address, type in “jobs keynote” in Google and it is available via streaming video. This address highlights Apple’s direction in 2005. I was at the Village’s MUG and they had a demo of the new iPhoto part of iLife 05. There are nice improvements in the program. If you want to update your iLife suite, iLife 05 looks good. This month’s program will let us see what Garage Band, another one of iLife 05 programs is all about. In the past, Jonathan has sure dazzled our group with his presentations. I’m looking forward to seeing this program in action.

I think we have our work cut out for us in the coming months just to keep up with Apple. Just when you start to get comfortable with your system they introduce a new one to entice you to try. There is no shortage of questions about what we use now to solve much less -- the new stuff ! Guess that's life in the fast lane.

Next month (March) our meeting will be on the SECOND TUESDAY March 8th, due to scheduling at the Senior Center.


The experience of making music on your mac...
There are many options out there for making and
recording music on your mac. Everything from mixing
a playlist on iTunes, to using Apple's Garageband to
begin your own music projects, to full professional
recording studios using Pro Tools or Apple's own
Logic Audio.
Jonathan Dennison, a seminary student, digital
artist, and mac technician, will be showing what the
basic elements of a program such as Logic Audio or
Garageband are, what they do, and how anyone with a
mac can easily create their own songs and recordings.
He will use one of his songs, Unsaid (found at to
demonstrate the elements and workflow of a music
If you've ever had aspirations of writing your own
song and recording it, or simply itch to play with
audio software and effects, or just want a behind-thescenes
look at how recording artists do their thing, you
won't want to miss this chance to see a program in
action and ask questions about setting up your own
studio or where and what kind of tools or toys you
need to get going with your own mac. There's nothing
more fun than making noise with your favorite toys!
Macs and music were meant to be together, come
and see why!

Apple News

The latest Macworld Expo was started on January 11
and in his keynote address Steve Jobs announced
several new software and hardware items. Two new
hardware items were the Mac mini and the iPod
shuffle. The software items were iLife 05, iWork 05
and Final Cut Express HD.

Mac Mini

The Mac mini, which will be available on January 22
for $499 or $599 is Apples answer to the requests for
a low priced entry level Mac. The two basic models
differ only in CPU speed, hard drive size and of course
the price.

The $499 model has a 1.24GHZ G4 processor and a
40GB drive. The $599 model has a 1.42GHz
processor and an 80GB drive. The idea behind the mini
was to attract Windows PC users that already have a
display, keyboard and mouse. This gives you an entry
level Mac at a reasonable price. The following options
are available if you order from the Apple store.

2MB RAM $75
1GB RAM $425
80GB drive $50
SuperDrive $100
Bluetooth $50
AirPort Extreme $79

The mini is 6.5 inches square and 2 inches high. The
CD is a slot loaded type. The rear connections are for
power, ethernet, modem, DVI/VGA video, USB 2.0
(2), Firewire 400 and audio out. Loaded software
includes the latest Mac OS X, iLife 05, Quicken 2005,
Appleworks 6 and two games.

From Our Friends in Switzerland

Omug group members Rudy Gasser and Sonija Lier
sent these pictures of fun in Switzerland. They are
doing well. Rudy and I have had success staying in
touch using Skype on our iBooks. -Mike

Sonjia looks out at a winter wonderland. Rudy having fun at his chalet Sonjia has sent a recipe for the cake she brought to the Christmas party. It is being sent as a separate attachment.

Sonjia looks out at a winter wonderland.

Rudy having fun at his chalet.


From the Macintosh Hints & Tips column created for
the San Diego Macintosh User Group’s newsletter.

Recommended Upgrade Procedure for Mac OS X

In order to help avoid problems from occurring after
any significant System upgrades, be sure to follow the
recommended procedure:

Make sure your hard drive is in good shape:
Boot from the OS X Install CD and run Disk Utility’s Repair Disk function (or use a third-party drive utility
such as DiskWarrior or TechTool Pro).
• When booted from the volume containing Mac OS X,
run Disk Utility’s Repair Disk Permissions function.
• Install the update.
• After rebooting, again run Repair Disk Permissions.

LIMac Forum, Long Island NY

Also it is recommended by several web sites that you
down load the Combo Updater from Apple’s web site and use it
to install the new update. They do not recommend
used the automatic updater that pops up on your

Delete Photos

Photos are removed from iPhoto’s master library when
you remove them from a photo album. Prior versions
of iPhoto didn’t allow this. But, version 4 allows you
to do Command/Option/Delete which removes the
photo from both the album and the library
simultaneously. This also works in iTunes with
playlists and the master music library.

Chris Hart
Connecticut Macintosh Chronicle,
West Hartford CT

Create iPhoto Smart Albums

As easy as creating Smart Playlists in iTunes, Smart
Albums lets you define criteria iPhoto uses to find
images and build an album automatically. For example,
“My Rating is * * * * *” lets iPhoto know you want
an album of your absolutely best photos. Meanwhile,
selecting “Keyword is Hawaii,” “Date is in the last 3
months,” and “My Rating Page is greater than *** finds the best photos from your recent Hawaiian vacation.

Apple eNews
via Mouse Droppings, Corvallis OR

iPod Shuffle

The new iPod shuffle is the smallest and most
affordable of the iPod group. It comes in capacities of
512MB for $99 and 1GB for $149. They hold 120 and
240 songs respectively. The shuffle is dedicated to
playing music without the bells and whistles of the
other iPods.

The shuffle has a round controller with a Play/Pause
button in the middle and a four-way click ring on the
outside that controls Volume Up, Volume Down, Fast
Forward/Next, and Rewind/Back. There is a jack to
connect your headphones.

On the back is a simple three-position toggle switch
that turns the iPod off, directs it to play its playlist
from beginning to end in order, or flips the device into
Shuffle mode where songs are played randomly. There
are two LEDs planted under the plastic housing on the
front of the device. A yellow LED shows when the
player is charging—a green LED shows when the
shuffle is completely charged. The LED’s blink for
various functions and the shuffle comes with a card
that tells the complete story of the LED’s

The shuffle looks like USB FlashDrive and when you
pull the cap from the tip of the iPod shuffle you’ll see
a USB connector. This is the means for linking the
iPod to a computer or an optional power supply.

Apple has several accessories: iPod USB Power
Adapter, the iPod shuffle External Battery Pack (which provides 20 additional hours of playtime with two AAA batteries and the iPod shuffle Dock. Each of these assessoriescost $29 and are available from Apple. Just like the other iPods, it is expected that third party
manufacturers will introduce other items very soon.


A new software package called iWork, which some
people see as a replacement for Appleworks, has been
announced. It consists of two applications: a
presentation tool called Keynote 2; and a new word
processing tool called Pages.

Keynote 2 is an updated version of Keynote with
many improvements, including an iLife media browser
so you can insert photos, movies and music directly
into the presentations.

Pages has many new features and looks very much like
a desktop publishing program. Like Keynote 2, it
includes an iLife media browser that lets users drag and
drop photos from the iPhoto library directly into
documents. It also has 40 document templates
designed by Apple.
iWork '05 imports AppleWorks and imports and
exports Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files. Keynote 2 now includes the ability to export presentations to Macromedia Flash.

iWork will be available on January 22nd for $79.
iWork will not be included with the bundled software
shipped with Mac computers.

iLife '05

Apple has announced a dramatically enhanced version
of iLife called iLife 05 and will sell for $79.
iPhoto 5 includes new editing tools, support for
uncompressed RAW photos , a new slideshow builder
which allows users to apply effects, transitions and
durations to each individual slide, and direct ordering
of photo books.

iMovie HD imports and edits video from HDV and
standard DV camcorders. HDV is from the new
generation of HDV camcorders.

iDVD 5 has many new features and now supports all
single-sided DVD formats including -R, +R, -RW and
+RW with a compatible Apple SuperDrive.
GarageBand 2 supports 8-track recording, plus it
displays and edits musical notation in real time.

iTunes 4.7.1 new features includes new enhancements
for the iPod Shuffle. iTunes 4.7.1 is a free download.
iLife '05 will be available on January 22nd for $79.

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