Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume72, August 2004

Mikes's Point of View
Mike Bridge, OMUG President

This month’s program is one of special interest to me, as it shows the melding of many different technologies and skills. First, is the technology of Radio Control aircraft which has changed very much with the new electric motors and micro technology of all the various control devices. As far as skill goes, flying a small radio control plane and taking good photographs is something that requires practice and experience.

Next, is the understanding of digital photography and the skill and experience/training required to take a good photograph. Many of us in OMUG can relate to the time it takes to master this talent.

Then there is the use of the computer and Photoshop to print a decent picture. It is a real investment of time and work to use photoshop, as many of us can relate. Not just prints are requested, people like to have DVDs of subjects photographed. Oh, lets not forget videos and what that involves. Music on the DVD is another skill to master. I think you get the idea.

This month, we have the chance to see how John Zaner, someone who has used his work experience, knowledge, skills, and technology to create a new way to do something that I find interesting and I hope you do too.

See you all at the meeting.

August 3 Program

OMUG's August 3 meeting will feature John Zaner. John is a pilot, builder/restorer, R/C pilot, professional photographer, electronics and computer engineer. Put all that together and you have one interesting program.
If you enjoy the aerial photos in the Star Banner come see how John takes them.
Don't miss it!

Apple will release Mac OS X 10.4, known as Tiger some time next year. If you wish to get more info on this new operating system go to Apple’s web site. Click on the tab that says

Tiger has some very interesting new features.

Office Depot joins Apple Authorized Reseller Program

Office Depot has been selected by Apple to become a member of its Authorized Reseller program. features the full range of Apple products including PowerBooks, Power Macs, iBooks, iMacs, iPods, XServes, displays and accessories.

New iMac this Fall

Apple has confirmed that the new iMac coming this September will be based on a G5 processor but there is a delay due to a supply problem with the G5 chip. There have also been rumors that there is a problem with the G5 chip overheating.


Minutes of July 6th

Tim Rankin opened the meeting and pointed out that the new projector had been paid off and thanked Jake Jackson on behalf of the club for making the purchase possible.

There was no business conducted in this month’s meeting.

Tim Rankin presented the program using a CD that demonstrated tips & tricks of Photoshop.

Raffle prizes were $14.00 each for the first two winners. Hank Baldwin, Virginia Baldwin’s son, held both tickets for the money prizes. He returned most of the money to OMUG. Also Dan Keane and Hank Baldwin had the third and fourth winning tickets.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra Bollinger

Is your Mac acting up on you!? Crashing, freezing – or did it just die?
Need help with these and all other problems or repairs pertaining to Macs.
Contact Joe Pipala 352-343-2813; Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 5:00 P.M.

If you are interested in Scanners, PhotoShop or Digital Cameras call
Tim & Judy Rankin at 352-821-2201; Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 5:00 P.M.

Check out the OMUG home page at

From the Macintosh Hints & Tips column created for the San Diego Macintosh User Group’s newsletter.

There is a nice set of Panther tutorial QuickTime movies at:
Mouse Droppings, Corvallis OR

Convert Currency with the Calculator

You can have lots of fun with Mac OS X’s Calculator — and no, we don’t mean entering “379009” and turning your Mac upside-down. (Hint: It’s a search engine.) The Calculator in Mac OS X is full of surprises, not the least of which is its ability to convert between units of measurement and currencies.

Open Calculator, type in the amount of whatever currency you’re starting with, and go to Convert > Currency in the menubar. In the box that appears, click the Update Currency Rates button, choose the currencies you’re converting from and to, and click OK. Now you know how far (or not) your dollar goes in Malaysian ringgits.
MacAddict Magazine

Scan 3D Objects Successfully

To scan a 3-dimensional object on your flatbed scanner, try one of these tricks

Cover the object with a piece of black fabric or garbage bag. You can also use colored fabric to create a backdrop for the object.
Or, invert a translucent container such as an ice cream container over the object, and place a diffuse light source such as a white pearl globe above the container. The light coming in through the container reduces shadows and sharpens detail.
Design Tools Monthly

Mac G3 computer with OS 9.1, 4 GB Hard drive,
296 MB ram,15" Apple monitor, 56 K external modem, keyboard and mouse----$175. Ray Fish, Grand Island (352) 669-1217

Power Mac6500 - 250 MHz - 128 MB RAM
4 GB HD - CD ROM - 15” Display - OS 9.1
$200.00 obo
V.92 Teleport Modem - NIB- $50
Microsoft optical mouse - make offer
Lexmark Z-23 printer - $20
(352) 873-3221 - Gretchen


HP Deskjet 3820 USB 1-1&Mac218;2 yrs. old. All Cables, cd and manual. $ 50 352 -237-5841 Rose or Mike


Ruby Red Apple iMac

Apple iMac DV+ "450" features a 450 MHz PowerPC 750 (G3) processor, 64 MB of RAM, a 20.0 GB hard drive, a slot-loading 4x DVD-ROM drive, ATI Rage 128 Pro (2x AGP) graphics acceleration, an integrated Harmon Kardon Odyssey sound system, FireWire, and video-out ports, in a sleek, translucent "indigo", "ruby", or "sage" (pictured) all-in-one case with a 15" color screen. Like the previous "fruit" iMac series, the iMac DV+ "450" is convection-cooled, and lacks an internal metal housing for a more translucent appearance. However, this model ships with a vastly improved keyboard and a pressure-sensitive optical mouse. Please note that the case of the iMac DV+ "450" simply says "iMac" and the additional information is provided to distinguish this model from earlier ones.
Ruby Red
192Megs of Ram OS 9.1.1
Ruby Red 777Epson Printer
USB Hub and External Floppy Read
Call 352-237-5841 Mike Bridge

Donations of Electronic Equipment

At Thursday's coffee it was suggested that I share the information about where to donate working and non-working electronic equipment. Perhaps you might include this in a forthcoming newsletter.

The place is:
  Central Florida Community Action Agency
    1601 NE 25th Ave
    Ocala 34470
They are open 8:30 to 5:00 Monday - Thursday, but you might call first.
They are the second store in the SW corner of the large old shopping center just NE of 14th St. off 25th Ave.

They take all kinds of working or broken electrical equipment -- fans, TVs, computers, motors, hair blowers -- anything electrical. They use the items for parts or to train unskilled people to repair equipment. 

If you take a tax deduction, ask for a donation form.

Ron Reid


JULY, 2004

Bank Balance July. 1 , 2004 text $634.47
Income: July 6 meeting 2003-04 Memberships 60.00
(Art Golden, Dan Keane)

50/50 Raffle Tickets

(Hank Baldwin)




Total text +$732.47
Expenses: July 6 meeting Rent (Senior Center)

Bank Balance July 22, 2004


$ 666.93

Respectfully submitted:
Clint Jones, Treasurer

We have a number of volunteers who are available to help you with problems you may encounter using software:

PageMaker or Digital Camera Art Golden 873-1530

PrintShop or Print Explosion Judy Rankin 821-2322

CD Burners : Jake Jackson 854-3373

General Mac Problems : Tim Rankin 821-2201

All the Board of Directors are available for help, also. See them on the Board of Directors page of this web site.