Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 69, June 2004

Point of View
Mike Bridges, OMUG President

When I first started using Apple computers, I thought they were amazing. By today's standards those old Macs were very basic in their abilities. My iBook is an art studio, video production system, digital darkroom, word processor, communication tool, entertainment center and music machine. Nowadays one of the big selling points for a Mac is its music programming.

Apple has really developed the music side of their business in the last few years. First with CD programs, CD drives, and iTunes. Then Apple becomes the model for internet music selling via The iTunes Music Store. If you want to create your own music, now Apple includes Garage Band on its new computers.

What do you do with all this music? You put it on your iPod or iPod mini and take it wherever you go. Of course, the iPod is the gold standard of music players.

I really get the feeling they see music as an important part of the business and the numbers seem to support that. It will be interesting to see what the future brings

This month’s program is yet another facet of music on the Mac. Bringing old recording technology into the current form of “LP’s,” the CD. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting and learning more music magic.

June Program

Tuesday, June 1

Ever wonder how to get those old LP’s into CD format? This month Earl Satterfield will show us how. Earl will demonstrate the iMac and PowerWave from Griffin Technology. He will also use CD Spin Doctor, Amadeus ll and iTunes software programs. Based on Earls past presentations, we’re in for good program on saving some memories using your Mac.

Mac OS X10.3.4 Update

The 10.3.4 Update provides "enhanced functionality and improved reliability for Mac OS X v10.3 'Panther' and is recommended for all users."

Key enhancements include:
*improved file sharing and directory services.
*improved OpenGL technology and updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers
*improved disc burning and recording functionality
*iPods connected via USB 2.0 are now recognized by iTunes and iSync
*additional FireWire audio and USB device compatibility
*updated Address Book, Mail, Safari, Stickies, and QuickTime applications
*improved compatibility for third party applications
*previous standalone security updates

Minutes of May 4

The members present voted to accept the nominating committee’s recommendations as officers for the 2004-05 year. The new officers are as follows: Mike Bridge - President, Dr. Stephen Paige - Vice President, Tim Rankin - Past President, Debra Bollinger -Secretary, Clint Jones -Treasurer, Earl Satterfield - Newsletter Editor & Raffle Master, Judy Rankin - Membership, Phil Sullivan - Webmaster & E-mail, Ruth Williams - OMUG webpage, Jake Jackson - Chit Chat Co-ordinator, Virginia Baldwin - Sunshine Lady.

This month’s program consisted of discussion and a question and answer time pertaining to the internet. Mike Bridge and Tim Rankin led in the presentation, and members were encouraged to share their experiences with ISP’s.

This month’s raffle prizes were $28.00 each for the first two winners. N. C. Sizemore and Rudy Gasser held the tickets for the money prizes. Grace Corbett and Paul Hertenstein had the third and fourth winning tickets. They chose a reward from the prize table.

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May 28, 2003

Bank Balance May. 1 , 2004 text $439.90
Income: May 4 meeting 2004-05 Memberships

50/50 Raffle Tickets

Sale of Battery




Total Receipts:


text +$384.00


Expenses: November 4 meeting Rent (Senior Center)
Payment on Projector
Total Expenses:

Bank Balance May 28, 2003

text -$136.95

$ 686.95

xxx Projector Accounting:
Balance Due May 1
Finance Charge
Payment: 5/13/04 Ck#1036
Balance Owed on Projector 5/28 (plus finance charges)


Respectfully submitted:
Clint Jones, Treasurer


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