Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 66, March 2004

The Way I See It
Tim Rankin, OMUG President

Very Important-Please Read!
Ready or not we have a new calendar year coming when May 2004 arrives and a new year means a change in OMUG’s leadership. When this time of the year approaches the membership generally heads for the hills so they won’t be asked to help in the group’s leadership. I’m going to ask that this year be different and that if you are approached about taking on a role in guiding this great group of Mac people for a year that you would do so and do so cheerfully. What is not generally known (for fear that there would be too many prospective applicants) is that these positions carry with them many perks, such as a fantastic 401K, two week all expense paid trip to the Bahamas and last but by far not least is no income tax liability for the length of time you are an officer of the group. In the real world, Mike Bridge, who is now our Vice President will step up and assume the duties of President for the new year and we will need someone to agree to assume the Vice President’s position which means a person who in a pinch could conduct the meeting in the event that Mike has to miss a meeting while President (and I will always be available to help out in this instance as well) and the Vice President will be in line to take over the President’s job at the end of their term. This will allow the VP at least one year to become prepared to handle the President’s job (which is not all that rough folks since you always have plenty of help). Recently, Brenda MacNeil and Charlie took over the refreshments from Joan Greenwood, who often has commitments on our meeting nights and we will ask Brenda and Charlie to continue with the refreshments for the new year. Earl Satterfield has been our newsletter editor for several years now and we need to give Earl some relief so we need a person to do our newsletter for the new year. Believe it or not this is an opportunity for someone to learn how to do a newsletter and develop their own style and is an important position to fill as it is our method of communicating with the membership and is actually the only position with some compensation attached (got ya on the perks listed above). Earl will be more than happy to help the incoming newsletter editor by showing them the ropes. This brings us to the Treasurer’s job which my first wife Judy has held for some time and it too is not at all difficult (how hard can it be handling someone else’s money?). Anyone in our group that can balance their checkbook can easily handle this position, and again Judy can help you until you feel confident with the job. We are going to ask Virginia Baldwin if she will continue as Sunshine Lady for the new year as she has got this job down pat. To explain her duties, she is responsible for sending out cards to any of our members who are sick or have encountered difficulties and need to know that OMUG is thinking about them. Likewise we will ask Phil Sullivan to continue on as our Webmaster and e-mail guru from his northern location. I think Jake Jackson can be persuaded to head up our Coffee Chat meetings. We will need to have a Membership person to help promote new members into our group and who would be responsible for publicity for our meetings and would guide prospective members to our web site to learn just what we are all about. Alan Gold has been Ambassador for the this year, but due to a commitment he will have on our meeting nights, will not be able to continue at this post. Since the Ambassador would represent our group in meetings with other User Groups, I’m going to recommend that we combine this position with one of the others above since this situation does not come up very often. Of utmost importance is that we ask Ruth Williams to continue being in charge of our OMUG Website which she created for us and maintains every month by posting our newsletters and articles involving OMUG. Please read this over carefully and figure out where your talents and abilities will fit in and let us know which office or offices you can volunteer for to keep this great user group moving forward. Thank you!

March Program

March’s program is one that many of you have been waiting for and one that has been rescheduled from last year when our speaker was unable to do the program due to a major conflict. The program for the evening is “Burning DVD’s, CD’s and Video CD’s” with Brevard Blythe from the LakeMUG group in Eustis.
Brevard’s presentation will help anyone who already has a DVD/CD burner or plans to buy one in the near future by showing you what software is available to burn CD’s and how to use the software. CD’s & DVD’s are unquestionably the best way for the average computer user to back up data and archive images on the hard drive. Please plan to come to the meeting and learn about this great technology, also have your questions answered by a very knowledgeable individual.

Book Review
by Tim Rankin

The Macintosh iLife: An Interactive Guide to iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD - Jim Heid author Paperback/DVD- 208 pages Publisher: Peachpit Press, Book/DVD edition April 1, 2003 Retail Price: $29.99 A DVD/book combo, now that's a great idea! Think of The Macintosh iLife: An Interactive Guide to iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD as "iReading." You get a 90-minute movie that allows you to peer over author Jim Heid’s shoulder as he demonstrates all the essentials of the four iApps. In iTunes, he shows how to create playlists, change the info tags for a batch of songs, burn a compilation CD, and more advanced features like choosing equalizer settings for each tune. In iPhoto, he shows how easy it is to organize even the largest collection of family pictures, and even how to make minor touch ups. In iMovie, he shows how to create a home movie that won’t put your friends to sleep by incorporating cross fades, an audio track of both ambient sounds and MP3s from iTunes, still images from iPhoto, and titles. He then shows how to use iDVD to create custom menus and chapter openings.

You can watch the book’s DVD on the computer and hit pause whenever you feel like practicing something for yourself. The book goes into even greater detail on each iApp, for example, covering cross fades in iTunes, working with multiple libraries in iPhoto, and tweaking variations of the Ken Burns effect in iMovie. In bonus chapters and sidebars, Heid goes in depth on related topics like the inner workings of an iPod, tips for taking better digital photos and movies, and how to hook up a TV for improved playback while editing in iMovie.

Anyone working in OS X, even seasoned Mac users, will learn new techniques, timesaving tips, and lots of ideas on how to get the most out of everything the iLife promises.

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Audio Guide Service Uses iPod
The Mori Art Museum in Tokyo has begun an audio guide service using Apple Inc.'s iPod digital audio players. Visitors to the museum can borrow for no charge one of 20 iPods and listen to an audio guide of a current exhibition.

Learning Panther
If you are new to the new Panther operating system then go to where you will find 28 free Quicktime movies about Panther. This site has a lot of Quicktime movies dealing with many applications with a yearly subscription fee of $79.00 to allow you unlimited access to these movies.

New PowerMac G5’s Due in Summer
There have been rumors of a new faster Power Mac G5 coming out in March but that time has been changed to summer. The latest rumors say that the World Wide Developer Conference will have the announcement of faster version of the G5 with the fastest model expected to be 3GHz. Also they will be dual optical drive in the top models. This means they will have either a Superdrive/Combo or Dual Superdrives

Calendar of Events

For a downloadable calendar of events for OMUG, VMUG and LakeMUG, go to the calendar page on this website.

From the Macintosh Hints & Tips column created for the San Diego Macintosh User Group’s newsletter.

Talking Trash (Can, That Is)
Do you miss not having the trash can on your desktop in the lower right corner? You can get it back!
Step One: Create a new folder on your desktop.
Step Two: Make an alias of this folder and name it Trash (you can delete the original folder now).
Step Three: Press Command/I, and in the Info Window that appears, click on the button marked “Select New Original.”
Step Four: Now, you’re going to locate your real trash. Here’s how: In the Go To field, type in /users/ yourname/.trash (of course, don’t type the words “yourname,” instead type in your user name where “yourname” appears).
Step Five: Now press the Go button, and it will find the Trash for you (even though it will appeared grayed out in the list). The Go button then changes into the Choose button. Click the Choose button (while your grayed-out trash is still selected in the list) and you’ve done the hard part.
Step Six: Now all you have to do is switch the icon. Here’s how: Click on the Trash icon in the Dock, which will open its window. Then press Command/I to bring up its Info window. Click once directly on the Trash Can icon, then press Command/C to copy that icon into memory.
Step Seven: Go to the Alias folder named “Trash” on your desktop, click on it, and press Command/I to bring up its Info window. Click on the folder icon to select it, then press Command/V to paste the Trash Can icon onto your folder. There you have it ... a trash can on your desktop.

Charlotte MacWorkshop,
Charlotte NC

Reboot Only Once After Downloading Multiple Updates and Patches
If you download an operating system or application update, patch, or add-in, often you’re required to reboot your computer before the installation can be completed. But if you’re installing several updates, patches, or add-ins, don’t be afraid to click “No” when you’re prompted to reboot. When all of the day’s changes have been made to your system, restart your computer as you normally would and all of the necessary updates will be made to your system simultaneously.

TMUG Insider, Pleasanton CA



Bank Balance February 1 , 2004 text $566.70
Income: February 3 meeting 50/50 Raffle Tickets


Total : text +$600.70
Expenses: February 3 meeting Rent (Senior Center)
Refreshments:(Brenda McNeal)
50/50 raffle items
Sunshine Lady Supplies
Payment on Projector
- 30.00
- 17.99
- 9.39
- 106.77
Total Expenses:

Bank Balance February 25, 2004

text -$212.49

$ 388.21

xxx Projector Account Balance February 23, 2004
Finance Charge

Payment: February 24, 2004 Ck#997
Balance Owed on Projector


Respectfully submitted:
Judy Rankin, Treasurer


We have a number of volunteers who are available to help you with problems you may encounter using software:

PageMaker or Digital Camera Art Golden 873-1530

PrintShop or Print Explosion Judy Rankin 821-2322

CD Burners : Jake Jackson 854-3373

General Mac Problems : Tim Rankin 821-2201

All the Board of Directors are available for help, also. See them on the Board of Directors page of this web site.