Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 65, February 2004

The Way I See It
Tim Rankin, OMUG President

One of the first questions asked to a potential computer owner or one who has been “into” computers for some time is what do you use your computer for or what will you use your computer for? This question posed to a newbie and the answer given tells a sales person what computer to steer the potential computerist toward. If an individual has very general needs than the choice of a computer would be one that is not highly expandable therefore a less costly machine. We all know those folks who are only interested in going online, sending and receiving e-mail, surfing the internet and do little else with a computer. Likewise, there are those who use their computer primarily to do correspondence and are mainly interested in word processing. Others are involved the high end word processing and do desktop publishing. Other popular uses of the computer are: (1) Genealogy (2) Photo Editing (3) Games (4) Stocks & Bonds (5) Personal Finance (6) Music (7) Online auctions (8) Research and the list goes on. The nice thing about finally purchasing a computer is that you will have all the above possibilities and many more to choose from. It is said that the average Mac computer user regularly uses 3 to 5 programs while the average Windows user only utilizes 2 to 3 programs on a regular basis. So what are you waiting for, jump in there and start taking advantage of all that a computer has to offer. This is why we attempt at our User Group meetings to provide you with a wide range of programs so that just possibly a presentation on a subject that you knew nothing about might become your next main computer passion.

February Program

George and Mary Lundy and Mike Bridge will present a program about the use of Apples iPod and iTunes. iPods are great for listening to music and using with iTunes, but it may surprise you that iPods have many other capabilities. If you want to see the iPod in action this is the program for you.

Book Review
by Tim Rankin

Mac OS X Panther Killer Tips by Scott Kelby
Product Details
* Paperback: 275 pages
* Publisher: New Riders; 1st edition (Dec 5, 2003)

Book Description

Have you ever noticed that in just about every Mac book, the author will include a couple of tips in each chapter (you’ll usually find them in the sidebar, or at the bottom of the page in a tinted box). Sometimes it’s a shortcut, a faster way to do something, or a clever workaround that just makes your life easier. People really love those tips, but there’s only one problem — there’s never enough of them. That’s why Scott Kelby, best-selling author and Editor-in-Chief of Mac Design magazine, came up with the idea to create a book that’s nothing but "sidebar" tips. That’s right — this entire book, cover-to-cover is packed with nothing but those cool inside secrets, slick workarounds, undocumented shortcuts, and sneaky little tricks that will make you faster, better, and have more fun using Mac OS 10.3 (Panther). Nothing but the tips! Not just tips. Killer tips! To be in this book, every tip has got to be a "Killer Tip" (the kind of tip that makes you nod and smile, then call all your Mac buddies to tune them up with your newfound power)

Scott’s a total "tip hound" (in fact, it was Scott who created the entire smash-bestselling "Killer Tips" book series), and he doesn’t hold anything back—it’s all here from the man who literally "wrote the book" on cool productivity tips. If you like doing things the easy way, if you like getting twice the work done in half the time, and if you get a kick out of knowing all the "inside secrets and undocumented shortcuts" that will wow your friends and co-workers, you’re absolutely going to love this book

Macworld Expo for 2004 opened in San Francisco on January 5. Steve Jobs made the keynote address and introduced the new products

4GB iPod mini

Apple has introduced the iPod mini, the second member of the iPod family. The iPod mini is about the size of a credit card and measures only 1/2 inch thick, but stores up to 4GB of music. It is available in custom colors -- silver, gold, pink, blue or green. It weighs 3.6 ounces.

The new iPod mini connects to Macs or PCs using its 30-pin interface and either a FireWire or USB 2.0 cable. An AC adapter is also included.

Priced at $249, it will be available in April. Included is a belt clip, earbud headphones, power adapter, FireWire and USB 2.0 cables, and a CD with iTunes 4.2 for both Mac and Windows. An iPod Dock is optional for $39.

Also at this time, Apple replaced its low-end 10GB iPod with an identically featured model now capable of storing 15GB of music or data, at the same price of $299.

iLife '04 with GarageBand

A new version of iLife, titled iLife '04, that has the latest versions of iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD and a new application called GarageBand. This latest application allows you to compose and record music on your Mac. It will cost $49.00.

Nothing has been said about the news iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie being available for download from the Software Update site. I would think that a least the new version of iTunes would be free.

The new iTunes includes Billboard charts in the Music Store so you can look at and purchase the hits of yesteryear. The store has also added 12,000 classical tracks.

iPhoto 4

iPhoto 4 now supports up to 25,000 photos, has a new image organization based on when shots were taken, the ability to create "smart albums" — similar to iTunes' smart playlists — that can automatically collect all photos snapped during certain time periods.

iMovie 4

iMovie 4 includes alignment guides like the ones found in Keynote, editing right in the timeline, audio scrubbing, new and enhanced titles, video import directly from an iSight camera, and easier movie sharing.

iDVD 4

iDVD 4 now has 20 new themes, including drive-in and mosaic. It also had enhanced menus that feature such transitions as wipes and page flips. Two new major features are a navigation map similar to the one found in DVD Studio Pro and video encoding that's the same as used in Final Cut Pro.


The newest iApp is called GarageBand. In his keynote address Steve Jobs called it "a pro music tool for everyone." He noted that the application turns your Mac into a musical instrument and recording studio.

AppleWorks 6.2.9

Apple has released a new update to AppleWorks. The 6.2.9 update supports mice with scroll wheels, improves performance and reliability of the presentation and spreadsheet environments, improves printing and resolves issues using Web based templates and clip-art on networks using proxy servers. The new update can be downloaded from the Apple web site.

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To follow up on Tim’s PhotoShop presentation, here are some related sites to explore. First is Adobe’s site an excellent site for information and resources about all of Adobe’s programs. The Photoshop Road Map is a good site with many tutorials and links to other sites and a newsletter is available. Team Photoshop is a creative, focused site with many good tutorials and creative and design links. An organization that you can join is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. This group has training, education, a great magazine, and discounts on software and photo equipment for it’s members, making it a very good investment. Another interesting site is the Morgue File. A large collection of royalty-free hi-resolution images, many by photographic professionals. These are just a few examples of the wealth of information about digital photography at your fingertips. Until next month, happy surfing. Mike

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From the Macintosh Hints & Tips column created for the San Diego Macintosh User Group’s newsletter.

Back Up the Address Book

I just learned from Mac Tech Support how to back up the Address Book, so thought I’d pass on the info. It’s easy if you know how.

To “Back Up” Address Book:
Go to User (the little house icon) > Library > Application Support > Address Book > Address Book data, then copy just that document.
Janet Parkerson

If you have an address book with lots of entries then it might be a good idea to burn a CD with a copy on it.

Digital Photography Websites

January 31, 2003

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Expenses: November 4 meeting Rent (Senior Center)
50/50 raffle items
Payment on projector
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Total Expenses:

Bank Balance Jan. 31, 2004

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Finance charge $16.98
Total: $737.55

Payment: 11/13/03 Ck#992 - $237.55
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Bank Balance Jan. 31, 2004

Respectfully submitted:
Judy Rankin, Treasurer

text $566.70

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