Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 62 - November 2003

The Way I See It
Tim Rankin, OMUG President

As most of you are aware, we will not have a planned presentation for our December OMUG meeting rather our Annual Christmas Party will be the program for the night. You will have an opportunity to enjoy some good food and excellent fellowship and some unique entertainment in the form of an endless slide show with background Christmas music, all courtesy of a recently acquired OMUG Mac computer. We purchased a used 400mhz DV model iMac with a slot loading DVD/CD player that has a monitor port on the back which will allow us to hook the club computer to our new projector which we will also utilize in the slide show with background Christmas music. I’ve loaded several programs on the iMac that will allow those doing programs in the future to easily use the club computer to do their presentations without bringing their personal computers for presentations as we have had to do in the past. The iMac has both OS X and OS 9.2.2 installed and it can be booted up on either system or an application that is not native for OS X (read that an OS 9 application only) can be operated in the Classic OS 9 mode and still stay in OS X. In other words, we are trying to cover all the bases which our old club computer was unable to do.

I am going to ask you in advance to be considering what types of programs and Mac related information you would like to see made available next year and if you felt like most of the programs presented this year were useful to you (we know that there is no way that every presentation is going to resonate with everyone, but we hope the majority of programs presented were useful and informative to most of you all). We plan to have our regular 50/50 raffle and will try to have some extra nice raffle prizes so you winners will have to think hard whether to take the money or something from the table. Last, but not least, Jake Jackson and I should have the Annual Club CD done and ready for. distribution at the Christmas Party. For those of you who are unable to make the Party (and you know who you are), we will also have them available for you at the January meeting or worst case scenario we will mail the CD to you if you are unable to make the meetings and you are a paid up member in good standing. The Club CD will have shareware and freeware programs for both OS 9 and OS X so everyone will be happy. Merry Christmas to all the OMUG’ers.

December Program

The program this month is our annual Christmas party.

Book Review
by Tim Rankin

Mac Digital Photography Book
by: Dennis R. Cohen & Erica Sadun

You’ll be amazed at what you can create with your digital camera and your Mac. Whether you're making striking portraits or hilarious montages, this book provides the essential tools, techniques, and advice to turn you into a photo pro. Written by two Mac and digital photography experts, Mac Digital Photography explores everything essential to snapping, enhancing, and sharing great digital images. Inside you'll find expert techniques for refining your photo-taking techniques, editing and repairing your images, choosing the right camera peripherals, using your photos for fun craft projects, and sharing your creations with others across the globe or across the room. Mac Digital Photography teaches you how to: Snap high-quality photographs by concentrating on composition, lighting, and posing Enhance your images and fix picture flaws with Photoshop Elements 2 and iPhoto Create panoramas, 3D images, and poster-sized photographs Get crafty—use your photos for T-shirts, calendars, greeting cards, tattoos, and more Share your photos via e-mail and the Web Make DVDs, picture CDs, and video CD slide shows Perform special effects such as warping, morphing, and animation Featured on the CD All the software you’ll need to follow the lessons, including a 30-day fully functional version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, plus programs for creating slide shows, photograph albums, video CDs, panoramas, animation, and much more!

New 20-inch iMac
Apple has released high-end iMac. This machine has a 20-inch screen, the largest on a stand alone unit. This iMac provides more than enough room to see two pages of text and graphics side by side and is ideal for watching DVD movies in widescreen format. The new iMac has a 1.25GHz G4 processor and comes with a SuperDrive, 80GB hard drive, 256MB of memory and Apple Pro speakers. It sells for $2199.

New G5 model
Apple has also announced a new dual 1.8GHz Power Mac G5 is available for $2499. They have also reduced the price of the 1.6GHz model to $1799.

If you have a question that you would like answered in the newsletter please send an e-mail to:

Is your Mac acting up on you!? Crashing, freezing – or did it just die?

Need help with these and all other problems or repairs pertaining to Macs.
Contact Joe Pipala 352-343-2813; Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 5:00 P.M.

New Member Service Offered

Tired of feeling left out?
One on One Mac classes now starting.
If you are interested in Mac Basics, Ebay, Maintenance or Internet
Contact Joe & Susan Pipala 352-343-2813; Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 5:00 P.M

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Calendar of Events

There is a calendar of events for the Ocala, Lake, and Villages Mugs groups on the OMUG website. Just go to the home page and click on the Calendar of Events on the left side of the page. This calendar can be downloaded to your computer as a graphic jpeg file and opened or placed in nearly any application.

Apple Cluster Ranks Third in New Supercomputer Rating
The Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University purchased 1,100 Apple Power Mac G5 desktop computers online and connected them together to form the third fastest supercomputer in the world.

The top two positions in the latest rating are with the NEC Corp.-built Earth Simulator of the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center and the Hewlett-Packard Co.-built ASCI-Q machine at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

From the Macintosh Hints & Tips column created for the San Diego Macintosh User Group’s newsletter.

Show Additional Item Information in OS 10.2
In the Finder > View > Show View Options you can now select features like placing the name of items to the right of an object rather than below it, and showing the size of hard drives. It can show you how many items are in a folder, the length of a song under the MP3 file icon or the image size of a TIFF.
Rich Lenoce
Connecticut Macintosh Connection,
Hartford CT

Web Site Tip

You NEED to know how your OS X Mac can be secured There is no better site than This site is dedicated to covering all items related to security and OS X. If you use OS X, you owe it to yourself to bookmark this site and keep checking it regularly. In fact, go there now!
Columbia MUG,
Kennewick WA

Move, Don’t Backup
If you drag a file from one drive to another, you have backed the file up since the original still lives on the original drive. If you want to MOVE and not BACKUP, hold the Command key down as you drag the file. The copy on the original drive is deleted. Careful now!
Mouse Droppings,
Corvallis OR

iMac 400 mhz slot loading CD, 128 mb RAM, 10 gb HD, OS 9x system, many programs installed, approximately 2 years old asking $600. Contact Eddie Manzano at (321) 383-8562 (Hm phone) Titusville, FL or (321) 698-3329 (Cell Phone)

1400C Powerbook
1400c Powerbook w/221 mhz G3 Processor (Upgrade), 11.3" color active-matrix display, 64 mb RAM (Maximum), CD-R0M player w/swappable Floppy disk drive, Targa carrying case and many excellent Mac programs installed. Price $300 firm-contact Tim Rankin at 821-2201

Digital Camera
E-20 Olympus Digital Camera, 5+ megapixels, Fantastic Lens 35 mm-140 mm, batteries and charger, also comes with a wide angle lens plus AC adapter for
plugging into an AC outlet. There is a filter on the main lens for protection. Also, an extended warranty which still has about four years left on it. A manual, lens hood and remote are included. Camera is in mint condition and the asking price is $900, which is considerably less than the purchase price. Contact Ed Meadows at 821-3060 after 3:00 p.m.


Bank Balance Nov. 1 , 2003 text $1084.43
Income: November 4 meeting 2003-04 Memberships 40.00
(Ed Swan, Debra Bollinger, Stan Piteau)

50/50 Raffle Tickets

Donation to Projector Fund
(Connie Moore)




Total Receipts: text +$86.00


Expenses: November 4 meeting Rent (Senior Center)
Total Expenses:

Bank Balance Nov. 4, 2003

text -$70.66

$ 1099.77

xxx Purchase of Epson S1 Powerlite: $1065.11
Cable + 29.00
Finance Charge + 16.90
Total Price of Projector $1110.01
Payment: 11/13/03 Ck#977 - 300.00
Balance Owed on Projector $810.01

Purchase of 400 mhz G3 iMac 11/16/03 Ck #978

- 300.00

- 300.00

Bank Balance Nov. 24, 2003

Respectfully submitted:
Judy Rankin, Treasurer

text $499.77

We have a number of volunteers who are available to help you with problems you may encounter using software:

PageMaker or Digital Camera Art Golden 873-1530

PrintShop or Print Explosion Judy Rankin 821-2322

CD Burners : Jake Jackson 854-3373

General Mac Problems : Tim Rankin 821-2201

All the Board of Directors are available for help, also. See them on the Board of Directors page of this web site.