Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 59 - August 2003

The Way I See It
Tim Rankin, OMUG President

I would like our group to consider how we might go about replacing our present projector with one that is better suited for our needs. The ones available today are lighter, brighter and cheaper than the one we have which was used when purchased. The truth of the matter is that we can purchase a new projector that is far superior to the one we have for less money than we paid for ours as a used projector. A projector that will serve our needs should run around $1000 and there at least three different models that fall into this category. We do not, at present, have sufficient resources in our treasury to handle the purchase and still leave us a cushion to operate, but that problem could be somewhat alleviated if everyone would make sure that their dues are paid. I plan to send out an e-mail before you receive this newsletter with the names of the members who are current with their dues and if your name is not on the list, please see Judy Rankin, OMUG treasurer and rectify that situation (OMUG will thank you!). Now, back to the projector since our main purpose and goal as an User Group is education in the use and enjoyment of our favorite computer and the way this is primarily accomplished is through presentations. Those of you that were fortunate enough to make the July 1st meeting are aware of the difficulty that Vernon Murray had trying to demonstrate the various corrections he had made to his digital pictures using Adobe Photoshop as the projector and screen did not adequately reproduce what he was attempting to illustrate. The increased brightness of the new breed of projectors alone would be worth the investment as often there are complaints regarding not being able to see the projected images clearly. Our old projector is rated at 700 lumens and the new ones range from 1200 lumens upward meaning they are more than half again brighter than what we presently have. Be thinking about what we can do to make a new projector and possibly a new screen realities.

Still one of the most popular pieces of hardware that is added to the “must have” list shortly after the computer is purchased generally is a scanner. The first item added would be a printer and presently the digital camera is moving right up the list. Tim Rankin will present a program on “Everything You Want to Know About a Scanner, but Were Afraid to Ask” and the presentation will hopefully cover the basics up to and including some advanced scanning techniques involving a Transparency adapter which scans slides, negatives and could scan X-ray film. Also, a plus for those of you who are violently opposed to OS X, the demo will use Mac OS 8.6 mainly because the scanner utilizes a SCSI connection and works well with an older computer that runs both OS 8.6 and 9.1. Seriously, come out and let’s see if we can show you how to really have some fun with that scanner you have and is not being used because you are intimidated by it.

Book Review
by Tim Rankin

It was decided at the last Lake MUG Board of Directors Meeting that we would initiate a new segment in both the LakeMUG and OMUG newsletters in which I would do a review of a book that should be of general interest to a Macintosh user. To kick off this new column, I have chosen a book that should be of more than passing interest to anyone who is contemplating moving to OS X from OS 9 (or OS 8x) as well as anyone who has already made the move and is still scratching their head regarding where do you find what you were used to using in OS 9 in OS X? The Mac book for this month’s review is a brand new one by Scott Kelby entitled “The Mac OS X Conversion Kit: 9 to 10 Side by Side” (Jaguar Edition) and it is published by Peachpit Press. This very cleanly illustrated soft covered book with 180 plus pages is street priced at $29.99, but some judicious checking of online bookstores should provide reduced pricing. This ingenious new book, created for Mac OS 9 users who are “converting” to Mac OS X, lets you start using it today by showing you how you did a particular task back in Mac OS 9 on the left pages; and on the right pages it shows you how it’s now done in Mac OS X. If you are one of those people who believes that the best ideas are the simple ones, you’ll absolutely love this book, because you can really start using Mac OS X today. One of the major reasons that Scott Kelby wrote this book is because his lovely wife Kalebra recently switched over to OS X primarily to use iPhoto and kept asking Scott where is so and so that she used in OS 9 found in OS X. He politely suggested that she read one of the many books available on OS X to learn the new system and she politely suggested that he consider writing a book that simply explained where things that she was used to in OS 9 resided in OS X and spare her all the heavy reading regarding the “nuts and bolts” of the new Mac OS X. Thus this great little book was born and it deserves a place in your library so your “conversion” will be painless.

The Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo started July 14 and several new products were announced. Some of the popular ones are detailed below.


One of the new products shown at the Macworld CreativePro show in New York was a labeling program called “disclabel”. Many people thought it the best label program yet. With “disclabel” you can create and print CD, DVD and jewel case inserts. It will import track lists from iTunes, (see graphic) iPhoto and iDVD, import images directly from iPhoto albums and print them on a variety of label and paper types. There are many predesigned templates available, or you can make your own, or you can download additional templates via the internet.

“disclabel” is a shareware program costing $29.95 and is available for download from It requires Mac OS X v10.2 (Jaguar) or later.

Toast 6 Titanium
Visitors to the Macworld Creative Pro Conference & Expo got a sneak preview of the new version 6 of Toast Titanium from Roxio, Inc.

This new version of Toast features a Universal Audio Converter that allows drag and drop of audio files or iTunes tracks into the software to be recorded. For those of us that have LP’s to be transferred to CD, Roxio has rewritten Spin Doctor, the analog-to-digital conversion software. Toast 6 Titanium is compatible with "nearly all" CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and DVD-RAM recorders and fully supports the Superdrives from Apple.
System requirements for this version of Toast are: G3 or later; Mac OS X 10.2 or higher; 200MB free hard disk space; QuickTime 6 or later. Toast 6 Titanium will retail for $99 and will be available in September.

Print Shop OS X
Guess what! Print Shop is back. That’s right. The program that many of us used to make greeting cards, signs and other projects is back for Mac OS X. This new version features “quick-start” templates, wizards and tutorials plus integration with iPhoto, iCal and iTunes. This allows users to place pictures from iPhoto albums into the Print Shop layout and import iTunes playlists to make custom CD labels.

Mac OS X edition of The Print Shop will be available in August for $49.95.

Retrospect 5.1
How many times have we been told to backup our data and do it on a regular basis? How many of us do it and end up losing important data when a disaster strikes? I am as guilty as anyone because I recently lost all of the data on one of my partitions and did not have it backed up.

Dantz Development Corp.,the maker of Retrospect backup software has announced a new version of this popular software. New features in the update include support for new CD/DVD backup systems, and the ability to boot into OS X for disaster recovery.

Retrospect Express , the entry-level backup system offered by Dantz , has been replaced with Retrospect Desktop edition, which backs up one desktop or laptop Mac and up to two networked computers. It will sell for $129 (upgrades are $59.95). Visit the Dantz web site at for more information.

Broadband Power Protector
Once again the lightning season is upon us. How many of you have a system to protect you from power surges and provide a battery backup to keep your system running while you close your files and shut down your system.? Joe Pipala recently had a lightning strike that hit his cable system and took out his Ethernet network. At a recent coffee chat he emphasized the importance of proper protection but that most of the units available did not have a provision for Ethernet. Now one is available.

American Power Conversion (APC), has a new broadband power protection unit for home networking equipment. It is called the Back-UPS ES 725 and sells for $99.95 .

This new unit offers high-level surge protection for cable modem, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), telephone, Ethernet, single-line phone/fax, modem, and DSS (Digital Subscriber Service) systems. It provides battery backup for a desktop computer, monitor, hubs/routers, and other electronic equipment in case of a power failure. It has eight powered outlets; four for battery plus surge protection and four for surge only. Also provided is a USB connection which allows you to utilize APC's PowerChute Personal Edition software, a system shutdown software for use with OS X.

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Calendar of Events

There is a calendar of events for the Ocala, Lake, and Villages Mugs groups on the OMUG website. Just go to the home page and click on the Calendar of Events on the left side of the page. This calendar can be downloaded to your computer as a graphic gif file.


While looking for something to include in the Mugshot I ran across the rumors about new Apple products due soon (maybe September).

Aluminum cases for the 15 inch Powerbook.
USB2 port on the new Powerbooks.
1.25GHz CPU for 15” & 17” Powerbooks.
1GHz CPU for 12” Powerbook.
Dual processors for the 17” Powerbook.
New LCD displays including a 30” model.
USB2 ports on the new displays

From the Macintosh Hints & Tips column created for the San Diego Macintosh User Group’s newsletter.

Blinding Finder

One of the most glaring differences between OS 9 and OS X is the way folders are opened. In OS 9, double-clicking a folder opens a new window that displays the contents of that folder. In OS X, double-clicking a folder displays the contents of that folder within the same window, eliminating the previous contents. This can take some adjustment. There are several workarounds, however. You can hold down the command key when double-clicking a folder to force a new window to open. Those of you who genuinely prefer OS 9’s folder behavior can make a more permanent change: Select Preferences from the Finder menu, check the option to “Always open folders in a new window,” and close the window. Things will now be back to normal. TMUG Insider, Pleasanton CA

Ocala Macintosh User Group
Annual Financial Report
July 31, 2003

Bank Balance July 1 text $1179.62
Income: May 6 meeting Memberships: Chatterton

50/50 Raffle


+$ 28.00


Total Receipts: text $116.00


Expenses: Rent (Senior Center)
Supplies (Raffle Tickets:
- 30.00
Total Expenses: text -$86.96
Bank Balance July 31, 2003 text $1150.66

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Rankin, Treasurer

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