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Volume 58 - July 2003

The Way I See It
Tim Rankin, OMUG President

To OS X or not to OS X, that is the question and many of you in the Mac kingdom are trying to answer that burning question. For the few that may need some background in what is being discussed here, Mac OS X (affectionately known as Mac OS Ten) is the latest operating system for our beloved Mac computers and it is, without question, a departure from what most of us are used to in operating systems in the past. Many of you (and you know who you are) go back as far as OS 6.X and maybe there are a few still alive that go back even further. This was back to a time when gas was 25 cents per gallon, haircuts $1.00 anyway you get the picture. I, too, resisted moving forward and embracing the latest and greatest but it was from a lack of a modern Mac that the operating system would work on. My dilemma was solved with the help of some good friends and I am now capable of finding out what it’s all about. Believe me once you’ve had an opportunity to work with the best operating system out there you won’t want to turn back. Is learning this new system going to take some work on your part? You bet it is but if you are honest, it took some work to learn the first operating system you used and you did it remember.

What do you get when you learn to use OS X? By far one of the most stable operating systems out there and one that is elegant and innovative and has more hidden goodies that, when you find them are like finding easter eggs. Let’s be real and face up to the fact that this is the operating system you will have to use if you buy a new Mac or even if you upgrade to a slightly used computer made within the last couple of years. Even more ominous is the fact that nearly all Macs manufactured since the first of this year will not boot up in OS 9.
I just had an opportunity to see a demo of the next OS X upgrade which is OS 10.3 (code named Panther) and let me tell you folks it just gets better and better. So why fight rather than switch?

OMUG July Program

Don’t plan to be anywhere else beside the Senior Center Tuesday night or you’ll miss one of the best programs of the year. We are privileged to have one of our members, Vernon Murray share with us why he moved to a digital camera from a film camera, which he had used successfully for many years. Vernon is a professional photographer in every sense of the word and he will share some of his top images with us via the computer and possibly some of the archival prints that he offers for sale. To say that he has mastered “going digital” is an understatement and you will have to experience for yourself what his accomplishments have been. He also plans to show us how he uses Adobe Photoshop to “tweak” his images and bring out the best in them. Let’s all plan to attend Tuesday night, July 1st and find out how photography is done digitally

Big News from WWCD

Monday was an exciting time in San Francisco at the annual World Wide Developers Conference. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer, delivered the keynote address and introduced several new and exciting Apple products. Among them were three new Power Mac computers, version 10.3 of the operating system, a new audio/video version of iChat and a video camera called iSight to be used with iChat, and a final version of Apple’s web browser known as Safari.

One of the most important events was the introduction of the Power Mac G5, Apples new super duper computer billed as the world’s fastest personal computer. The heart of the new Power Mac is the new CPU-- a 64-bit microprocessor developed by IBM.

These new systems have four expansion slots (one is for the graphic card), Gigabit Ethernet, one FireWire 800 and two FireWire 400 ports, three USB 2.0 ports, analog audio input and output, a headphone, and for the first time optical digital audio input and output. Airport Extreme wireless networking is supported and the machines are Bluetooth ready.

The new Power Macs are available in August in three configurations:

1.6Hz single-processor CPU
256MB DDR RAM (expandable to 4GB)
80GB serial ATA hard drive
Nvidia GeForceFX 5200 Ultra graphics card
A 4x SuperDrive.

1.8GHz single-processor CPU
512MB DDR RAM (expandable to 8GB)
160GB serial ATA hard drive
Nvidia GeForce 5200 Ultra graphics card
A 4x SuperDrive.

Dual 2.0GHz CPU
512MB DDR RAM ( expandable to 8GB)
160GB serial ATA hard drive
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro graphic card
A 4x SuperDrive.

Mac OS X Panther (version 10.3)

Steve Jobs drew a lot of applause when he introduced Panther, the latest version of the operating system. Panther has over 100 new features but the major ones are: new Finder, iChat AV, Exposé, FileVault, Pixlet, faster searches, colored labels, and an improved Mail.

The features in the new Finder will have to be seen to be really understood. Every finder window includes column on the left side called Places. Notice that the finder resembles iTunes and iPhoto and works in a similar manner. It contains your hard drives and favorite folders. You can add and remove items from this column.

There is a triangular eject symbol next to CDs, DVDs, FireWire and USB hard drives and flash memory cards. Just click on it to dismount the drive so you never need to drag a volume to the Trash to eject it.

Searching for files and folders is faster and similar to how searching works in iTunes and Mail. That is, you see results as you type and refine search terms.

There is now an Action menu that gives you access to contextual Finder commands. Hold down the control key while clicking on an item to open this menu. Using the new Label feature will make it easier to identify folders and documents.

Exposé is another feature that is difficult to explain but when you see it in operation it you will be impressed. If you have multiple windows open and one is covering the other you can utilize Exposé to display all of the windows as thumbnails. Clicking on that window will bring it back in its full size. It is a fast and efficient way to navigate through multiple windows.

Preview allows scrolling through and searching PDFs faster than you can imagine.

You can send a fax from any application that allows printing, using the contacts in your Address Book. The Mail application organizes received faxes, which you can view in Preview.

With a new feature called Font Book you can install, preview, search, activate and deactivate the fonts you need. Panther also adds seven new fonts.

As Steve Jobs explained in his address, many people lose their laptops containing sensitive information. FileVault uses the latest government security standard to safeguard this data. It does it by encrypting and decrypting all the data in your Home directory on the fly. If your computer is accessed by someone else they will not be able to access the data in your Home directory.

After you are finished with files they can be permanently erased by using Secure Erase Trash. This immediately overwrites the file with random data. The files disappear and cannot be reconstructed.

Pixlet is a high-end Codec (coder/decoder) for use of film makers.

iChat AV. This new program has been called video conferencing for the common man. Apple recommends that you use their new iSight camera but it will also work with any FireWire DV camera or a Web cam. When installed the software automatically configures and optimizes itself for your setup. The picture and audio are of superior quality. iChat AV is compatible with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).

iSight is the video camera available from Apple for use with iChat. The cost is $149.00.

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See the news about Panther.

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System Update Getting in Your Face?

Software Update can be a real nuisance. Its in-your-face attitude has made it many enemies, including my father, my grandmother and my sister. thankfully, it’s easy to turn off the automated software check. Choose “System Preferences” from the Apple Menu, and click “Software Update.” Now uncheck the option to “automatically check for updates when you have a network connection,” and close System Preferences. Software Update will no longer interrupt your wife’s work. You can check for new updates at anytime, though, by going back to the Software Update System Preference and clicking “Check Now.”

Ocala Macintosh User Group
Annual Financial Report
June 30, 2003

Bank Balance May 30, 2002 text $1054.98
Income: May 6 meeting Memberships: Burrell, Carberry, Dunn, Greenwood,
Hertenstein, Martin, Ostrander

50/50 raffle


+$ 33.00

Total Receipts: text $243.00


Expenses: Rent (Senior Center)
Raffle Items (Earl Satterfield)
- 30.00
Total Expenses: text -$118.36
Bank Balance May 31, 2003 text $1179.62

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Rankin, Treasurer

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