Official newsletter of the Ocala Macintosh User Group which meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Multipurpose Senior Center

Volume 56 - May 2003

The View From Here
Tim Rankin, OMUG President

The question often comes up as to what is the best Digital Camera to purchase? This question does not have a quick, easy answer as several factors must be taken into account. First of all, what type of photography are you interested in and how much background, if any, do you have in photography? If your main interest is candid photography (mainly spur of the moment type of photos) then one of the many point and shoot Digital cameras should do the trick. If you are one of those people who has more background or at least more interest in developing additional skills in digital photography, you will want to consider a camera with more refinements that will allow you to advance as your photographic skills advance.

Presently, there are many digital cameras out there to choose from and almost without exception you get more camera for the money with each new model that comes out. My general recommendations are to consider digital cameras in the 2.1-3.2 megapixel range that have an optical viewfinder as well as the LCD viewfinder/viewer and that have an optical zoom and not just a digital zoom only. All digital cameras take pictures which when downloaded to your computer are actually rather large in size and are at a normal screen resolution of 72 dpi. It will be necessary to resize the image downward if you plan to send the picture via e-mail usually to a 4x6” or even 3.5x5” while leaving the resolution at 72 dpi. If you plan to print the image rather than use it as an attachment to e-mail, then you will want to resize it to the dimensions you wish to print such as 4x6”, 5x7” or 7.5x10” AND increase the resolution to 200 dpi or greater.

So go ahead and take the plunge in the digital camera world if you haven’t already. Don’t forget that there is a plethora of information on Digital Cameras on the internet and you can access this information simply by using your favorite search engine (mine is google) and typing in digital cameras. You can also find excellent reviews on all the digital cameras past and present with a little diligent work.

Membership Notice

Please note that our new year will begin on May 1st and dues are due. Dues are $30 per membership (individual or couple) and $15 for snowbird members who have e-mail).

The program for this month will be presented by Mike Bridge, a new member. He will take us through some of the features of Adobe Illustrator. This should be a very interesting program so don’t miss it.

On April 28th Apple announced the opening of the iTunes Music Store—an Internet music service featuring more than 200,000 tracks. The iTunes Music Store requires Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher, iTunes 4 , and QuickTime 6.2. iTunes4 and Quicktime 6.2 are free downloads from the Apple web site .

This is a commercial venture not a service where tracks are shared between subscriber of the service. The iTunes Music Store offers both individual tracks and albums for sale. The cost per track is 99¢ and albums cost between $9.00 and $15.00 depending upon the size and content. You pay for each track or album with a credit card. You can burn these downloaded tracks to a CD or DVD but for a limited number of times. This is controlled by the software. I don’t really understand how this works so go to the Apple web site for details.

Tracks available via iTunes Music Store are not MP3 files. They are encoded using AAC (Advanced Audio Codec), a technology from Dolby Labs which is also incorporated into the MPEG-4 standard. At bit rates of 128 Kbps and above, AAC offers greater audio quality than MP3 encoding.

New iPods

Apple has announced a new iPod line consisting of three models: a 10 GB model for $300, a 15 GB model for $400, and a 30 GB model for $500. The iPod has also undergone a significant redesign. It is lighter and slimmer.

The iPod connectors have changed. Instead of the standard FireWire port, the iPods feature a connector on the bottom that plugs into an iPod dock for charging and synchronizing with iTunes. The dock also includes a line out port for hooking up to stereo systems or powered speakers.

The latest iPod software adds AAC format playback so that it is compatible with iTunes4.

Visit the Apple web site for detailed information.

New iBooks

Apple has announced new iBooks. They are not really new iBooks but the old iBooks with a speed bump and larger drives.
$999 = 800 MHz G3 and a 30 GB drive.
$1299 = 900 MHz G3 and a 40 GB drive.
$1499 = 900 MHz G3 and a 40 GB drive.

Check out the details at the Apple Store.

New Appleworks

Apple has released a new version of Appleworks. It is version 6.2.5 for OS 9 and version 6.2.7 for OS X. It can be downloaded from the Apple web site. It is a free update.

OS X 10.3 - Panther

You will be able to see a preview release of the next major version of Mac OS X, code named "Panther", at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2003, June 23-27, in San Francisco.

If you have a question that you would like answered in the newsletter please send an e-mail to:

Is your Mac acting up on you!? Crashing, freezing – or did it just die?

Need help with these and all other problems or repairs pertaining to Macs.
Contact Joe Pipala 352-742-9545; Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 5:00 P.M.

New Member Service Offered

Tired of feeling left out?
One on One Mac classes now starting.
If you are interested in Mac Basics, Ebay, Maintenance or Internet
Contact Joe & Susan Pipala 352-742-9545; Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 5:00 P.M

If you are interested in Scanners, PhotoShop or Digital Cameras call
Tim & Judy Rankin at 352-821-2201; Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 5:00 P.M.

Photo to Movie

Photo to Movie 1.1.5 enables you to create a movie by zooming and panning over a still photo and then generating QuickTime or DV Stream files (compatible with iMovie). This shareware program may be downloaded from the developers web site ( or from version tracker. The download is fully functional and can be used to try out the capabilities, but it places a sales message on each frame of the generated movie. To get rid of this message you must purchase a registration code for Photo to Movie. Photo to Movie cost $19.95.

Print Finder windows with Print Center

Apparently Print Center can now print a list of a folder's contents under Jaguar 10.2.3. Just drag the folder on top of Print Center and it'll bring up a Printer dialog box. Prints a three column list of Name / File Size / Modification Date info, alphabetized by name.

Open Apple Profiler Quickly

To open Apple System Profiler.
Clink on the MORE INFO button at the bottom of the display. Apple Profiler will be launched.

Open files in the trash can

If you moved some files to trash and you are still not sure if it is ok to delete them , it is possible to open them without moving them out of the trash. Remember that double-clicking a file in the trash won't open it.

However, by control-clicking on the file and selecting the "Open with" contextual menu item, the file will open in the selected app. Now you can review your file before deleting it without having to move it to the desktop first.

Use the keyboard to fast forward and rewind in iTunes

In iTunes you can fast forward and rewind a currently playing song by holding down Command and Option, and then using either the right or left arrow key. If you combine command-option with up or down arrow, it will mute and unmute.

Check out the OMUG home page at

There is a calendar of events for the Ocala, Lake, and Villages Mugs groups on the OMUG website. Just go to the home page and click on the Calendar of Events on the left side of the page. This calendar can be downloaded to your computer as a graphic gif file.

From the Macintosh Hints & Tips column created for the San Diego Macintosh User Group’s newsletter.

Reimporting Bookmarks from Explorer to Safari

Since some people who are using OS X have switched to Safari for their web browser, I have included this hint.

Reimporting bookmarks from Explorer to Safari a second time, since there is no way to reimport them using Safari itself (yet), sometimes means you are stuck with a mess. Here’s a workaround:
• Quit Safari
• Delete your “Imported IE Favorites”
folder in the bookmarks area
• Go into Explorer, then clean and edit
your bookmarks as you see fit
• Quit Explorer
• THEN... With a text editor, open:
• Find: <key>IEFavoritesWerelmported
</key> <true/>
• Replace it with: <key>IEFavoritesWere
Imported</key> <false/>
• Save the changes and quit text editor
• Re-launch Safari and it will now
automatically import your “Cleaned Up”

MacVIEWS, Ft. Wayne IN

Ocala Macintosh User Group
Annual Financial Report
May 1, 2002-April 30, 2003

Bank Balance May 1, 2002 text $927.97
Income: Memberships 2002-2003 $940.00
Memberships 2003-2004 $145.00
50/50 Raffle $382.00
Sale of Club CDs to VMUG $30.00
Christmas Party (35 @ $2/ea + $20 gift) $90.00
Sale of Batteries $56.00
Total Receipts: text +$1643.00
Expenses: Rent (Senior Center) $336.00
Refreshments $129.40
Education: OS X & Photoshop Elements
Tutorials on CDs from VMUG $97.00
Bi-Annual Club CD’s $200.00
Monthly Newsletters $330.00
Speaker Fee $30.00
Raffle Items $146.99
Post Office Box Rent $68.00
Postage $65.67
Christmas Party Food & Gifts $268.84
Miscellaneous Supplies & Expenses
(Checks, Brochures, Sunshine Lady
( Supplies) $146.74
Total Expenses: text -$1818.64
Bank Balance April 30, 2003 text $752.33

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Rankin, Treasurer

We have a number of volunteers who are available to help you with problems you may encounter using software:

PageMaker or Digital Camera Art Golden 873-1530

PrintShop or Print Explosion Judy Rankin 821-2322

CD Burners : Jake Jackson 854-3373

General Mac Problems : Tim Rankin 821-2201