April, 2003
Mug Shot
A Mac User's Look at Windows

We are going to shift gears away from Macintosh completely for the April Program. Tim Rankin will do a program on “A Mac User Looks at Windows” or should I say “A Mac User Does Windows”. In any event since we Macphiles only have roughly 5% of the total computer market, it is wise for us to know something about what the other 95% are using. The truth is that Windows is not that much different than the Macs that we use every day and I’m going to attempt to show you just how similar they really are, so plan on coming out to the April meeting to see what it’s all about.

Board of Directors Meeting Notes

Attending were Tim Rankin, Joe Pipala, Jake Jackson, Judy Rankin, Phil Sullivan, Susan Pipala, Virgina Baldwin and guest Sally Smyth, Ed Muhs, Ed and Grace Corbett.

Items discussed were: Someone to handle the purchasing of the 50/50 gifts. It was decided that Earl Satterfield be in charge with Jake Jackson assisting.

Membership dues were discussed. It was presented that part-time residents pay a lower fee of $15.00 per year.

We will also have a membership drive. Every time a member brings a guest to a meeting, the member and the guest will each receive 3 tickets for the 50/50 drawing. If the guest becomes a member add 3 more tickets.

Semi-Annual CD’s: It was decided that we would have a annual CD only. This will be handed out at the Christmas Party.

Question & Answers: Must be submitted to a Board member before the end of break. There will be a 2 minute time limit for answers and follow up.

Secretary: Joan Greenwood has informed the Board that she will not be able to fill in as Secretary for a few months. We need someone to fill in for this amount of time. If you are interested or willing to volunteer please give Tim Rankin a call at 821-2201.

Coffee Chat

Never enough time to have your questions answered at our monthly meeting? Come join us for coffee and a question and answer session. Coffee Chat will be held on 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month from 10-12.
Everyone is welcome, so come and join the group.
Coffee Chat is held at the Freedom Library.
Contact Jake Jackson at 352-854-3373 if you need directions

Stop Staring at Your Computer
From the Ocala Style Magazine

Anyone who works on computers should be familiar with the frequent downtime spent waiting for pages to load or searches to complete. During these times, we often sit fixated on the screen with fingers poised over the mouse or keyboard waiting to spring to action. While we wait, we hold our breath or breath shallowly and tense our hands, arms and shoulders. These unhealthy habits can contribute to discomfort and fatigue. If this sounds familiar, the next time you find yourself in such a position, make a conscious effort to break out of these habits.
Take advantage of the down time and think of it as time to relax. Instead of waiting with fingers poised over the keyboard or mouse, drop your hands to your lap for a second or two and breath deeply, exhaling all unnecessary tension out of your body. Avoid staring at the monitor when waiting or thinking of what to type. Instead, blink your eyes or try closing them. Glace across the room often giving your eyes a break. If it helps, think of this time as your computer’s way of telling you to relax for a few seconds

AppleWorks Help for Everyone

AppleWorks has the world’s largest computer user group (AWUG) with members in more than 50 countries. Join and receive the AppleWorks Journal (a 24 page news-letter filled with helpful tips), gain access to AppleWorks templates and enjoy discounts on training materials and free technical support.

AppleWorks Help
for Everyone

AppleWorks has the world’s largest computer user group (AWUG) with members in more than 50 countries. Join and receive the AppleWorks Journal (a 24 page news-letter filled with helpful tips), gain access to AppleWorks templates and enjoy discounts on training materials and free technical support.


** Joe & Susan Pipala will be gone from April 1st through April 26th, so there will be no iTunes or Jaguar SIG’s. Bill Schmit will host Coffee Chat at the Apple Barrel in Leesburg.

Submitted by Judy Rankin, Treasurer

Checkbook Balance $853.33
5/50 33.00
New Membership 40.00
Battery 12.00
Total Income 938.33
Speaker 30.00
VMUG 28.00
Rent 50.92
Refreshments (2 months) 25.11
Sunshine Lady Supplies 50.92
Checkbook Balance $707.30

New Members

Roger Patrice
Brenda McLean

50/50 Tickets
1 for $1.00
5 for $3.00
20 for $5.00

Is Your Mac Misbehaving?

Let Mac Fixit Help You Out

Joe Pipala
31321 Saunders Circle Tavares, FL 32778



Print Explosion Judyrookh@aol.com Judy 352-821-2201
Digital Camera golden@atlantic.net Art 352-873-1530
CD Burners jjackson36@cfl.rr.com Jake 352-854-3373
General Mac Problems rookh@aol.com Tim 352-821-2201
Hardware and Software macfixit@comcast.net Joe 352-742-9545
iTunes spipala@comcast.net Sue 352-742-9545

PLEASE: calls: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


When: First Tuesday of each month
Time: 7-9 P.M.
Location: Multi Purpose Senior Center
2001 SE 32nd Ave.
Ocala, Fl.

The Pres. Speaks

Our intrepid newsletter editor, Earl Satterfield is away from his post until
sometime in mid April. If I’m not mistaken, he has gone across the big pond to Merry Old England. He asked if I would be so kind as to take care of the newsletter duties for him in his absence which I kindly agreed to, but I have already been bumped from the job. Susan Pipala called me and indicated that if I would do the program column and my Presidents column and Judy would provide the Treasurer’s report, that she would do the remainder (read that as the majority of the MUGSHOT} and this was an offer that I could not refuse.

In a different vain, if any of our members bring a guest to the meetings we will give you 3 free raffle tickets as small way to thank you and if that guest becomes an OMUG member we will again provide you with another 3 free raffle tickets to show our appreciation. We do not want the reputation of being the best kept secret in town and we feel that as a group we have a lot to share with other Mac users.

There is considerable talent among our OMUG members and oftentimes just being
able to call or e-mail another member for help with a problem between meetings is worth the price of membership. Many times “newbies” and some of us that have been long time Applephiles, are able to pick up information and help that is of great benefit by attending the monthly meetings and talking with fellow members about Mac concerns of mutual interest.

As most are aware there are extracurricular Mac activities now available for OMUG members and non-members alike. There is a twice a month informal Coffee Chat held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon at the Freedom Library (contact Jake Jackson at 854-3373 for details). This is a golden opportunity to have your Mac questions and concerns answered in a very laid back atmosphere. Come on out and give it a try!

Geek Speak

Submitted by Brevard Blythe

Well, the Keynote/iLife software suite from Apple has finally shipped this week. The package consisted of two CDs that included Keynote and the iLife (non-iDVD) package, and one software installation DVD that included iLife with iDVD. It looks as though we will be seeing more of this sort of transition from CDs to DVDs as a software installation media. As CD-RW/DVD "combo drives" and CD-RW/DVD-R "superdrives" grab more and more of a foothold in the basic configuration of new computers, you will see more and more installation disks using DVD media than the traditional CDs. Not to mention, the software packages that we see being produced aren't getting any smaller! Lets face it, its cheaper for companies to produce one DVD that it is to produce 2 or 3 CDs (like when you install Jaguar). Be aware that this trend will increase as time goes by (just as the transition from floppies to CDs) and you may find yourself in couple years thinking that CDs are next in line after floppies to go the way of the Dodo.


President Tim Rankin rookh@aol.com
Co-President Joe Pipala macfixit@comcast.net
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APPLE STORE IN ORLANDO at Mall at Millenia

(407) 352-5551

The journey is the reward.

Check out Apple.com for the Apple Store demos nearest you.


Some of the classes going on now are:

Getting Started On The Mac
Digital Hub
ITunes & iPod
Final Cut Pro