Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions that get asked frequently. If you have a question that you would like to add to the list email it to ocalamug@gmail.com.


Where are meetings held?
How do I join OMUG?
What is the OMUG Discussion Forum?


How do I keep the first letter from being capitalized when I type on my iPad or iPhone?
My computer won't recognize a USB 3.0 drive
What is the keyboard shortcut to get a word definition?
How do I force my trash to empty?
How do I keep my iPhone from pocket dialing?
What is happening when my Mac is being optimized after an OS X update?
How do I sort a list of items in Pages?
How do I convert a video in MOV format to MP4?
How do I burn a movie to a DVD?
How do I record iOS screen casts with OS X?
How do I share my screen using Messages?
How do I find and/or correct the spelling of a word?
How do I format a thumb drive to be used on both a Mac and a PC?
How do I take a screen shot on my Mac?
How do I take a screenshot on my iDevice?
How do I copy a disk with El Capitan Disk Utility?

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