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OMUG History

OMUG was formed in early 1991 with 30 Macintosh users from the Ocala FL area.

The original officers were: President: Dr. Stephen Paige, Vice President: Mark Wagner, Secretary/Treasurer: Steve Harding. The Directors were Roman Kulwich, Sheila Oliver, Mark Wagner, and Otis Winegar.

Other past Presidents include Ken Dyke, Jake Jackson, Susan Pipala, Tim Rankin, N.C. Sizemore, and Bob Adams.

Officers and Board Members

PresidentMarilyn Kennedy
Vice PresidentChris Kilbride
SecretaryMaria Stender
TreasurerLorraine Wieskamp
Board MemberPhil Davis
Board MemberCarl Sechrest
Board MemberTom Lee
Past PresidentN.C. Sizemore

Other Assignments

Program CoordinatorChris Kilbride
Membership CoordinatorPhil Davis
Tech CoordinatorPhil Davis

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